The 8 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Ghosting has been getting a lot of bad press lately. But, have you ever thought of all the worse ways to call things off? We all know that breaking up is extremely difficult to do, but don’t be a jerk to someone that once meant the world to you. Here are some situations to avoid if you want to be a kind person as you break up with someone.

Via Email

Breaking up with someone in an email is only appropriate if the relationship is relatively new. If you have been with someone long enough to get their email address, then you probably are in a long-term committed relationship. If that’s the case, then a breakup via email can be one of the worst things you ever do.

Via Text

Similar to an email, breaking up in a text is never the answer. When you develop a meaningful relationship with someone, you have to give them respect. When you want to break up with someone, grow some balls and do it in person as opposed to searching for a cowardly solution.

Via Carrier Pigeon

Sometimes people are so concerned about protecting others’ feelings, they really struggle to find the best way to break up with someone that they have spent a significant amount of time with. However, avoiding the conversation isn’t healthy for anyone. Instead, showing someone that you respect them enough to confront them and break up with them in person is always the honorable and kind solution.

Via A Phone Call

If it isn’t 2005 and you’re not my mom, a phone call is really quite an inappropriate way to communicate with just about anyone. The same applies to your breakup. These days, if someone even picks up the phone when you call them, they typically are expecting an emergency to be happening. If they hear that you are breaking up with them, it can go terribly wrong. Again, an in-person breakup is always advisable.

Sliding Into Their DM

This might just be one of the most cowardly and disrespectful ways to break up with someone. Are you 11? If you’re 11, then great, go ahead and use this mode of communication to break up with someone. However, if you are over the age of 11, what are you thinking? Were you raised by wolves or something? There is nothing more inexcusable than breaking up with someone by sending them a direct message via social media. If you had a relationship in real life (IRL), then please respect your partner enough to let them down in real life as well.


Just straight-up disappearing is an evil way to break up with someone. While there have been many pieces written about the pros and cons of ghosting, it is a cruel and unusual way to break up with someone. Again, showing respect is necessary for life. Being a genuine person shouldn’t be that difficult.

Via Post-It Note

Look, I love post-it notes like the next highly organized individual. But the last thing a post-it note lover would ever want to see is a handwritten note that leaves her heartbroken. This is a pretty terrible way to break up with anyone, especially someone who you have been with for a significant amount of time. Unless your partner was obsessed with Sex and the City, a post-it note should never be used as a way to end a relationship.

Via Song You Wrote For Them

So you love your guitar and enjoy writing songs. Good for you! But, please, never consider using your talent as a mode of ending a relationship. There is nothing wrong with wanting to expand your creativity. However, a breakup is probably not the proper way to explore your creativity.

In the end, breaking up with someone is really hard. It can be harder when the person really hates confrontation. However, showing the other person respect and being mindful of their feelings is necessary for your life in general. So the next time you want to break up with someone, get the courage to actually do it in person!

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