5 Women In The Spotlight Who Are Still Unbelievably Classy

There’s something to be said about being a classy woman. The word classy is described as stylish and sophisticated. But are also connected to words such as educated, kind-hearted and well mannered.

In Hollywood we don’t have many influencers that I would consider to be truly classy. Though we do have a few. And every single time I see them grace the cover of a magazine or see an interview clip on TV, I’m in awe at how well put together they seem physically and mentally. They never fail to leave me in awe and make me aspire to be a little more like them.

Michelle Obama

The former first lady is fierce, fabulous and the definition of classy. Her well-maintained wardrobe hasn’t changed since her time in the White House. If anything, she’s becoming more personable with the public as she goes on. She’s well spoken, well mannered, and the type of strong woman with goals and determination that every woman can be inspired by.

Kate Middleton

First of all, she’s a freaking princess, so that means she has to be the definition of classy. Second, there’s a regal elegance around her and she never fails to disappoint. She’s naturally charitable, has a kind heart and takes her responsibility of being a role model seriously. You’ll never see a more well-rounded and humble celebrity (and royal) than the Duchess of Cambridge.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is a southern belle in every sense of the word. She has a great reputation in the film industry. And has never had to rely on her body or good looks for getting her work. It’s solely been her talent and good nature. From her fashion sense to the way she holds herself, she’s confident and conserved. Proving your personality is what matters for people to like you.

Meghan Markle


Although she is now well known for being the beautiful bride of Prince Harry. Which makes her a Duchess (not a princess), she’s been admirable for many years. She’s fearless in the sense that she broke barriers, strived for her goals, and wanted to make a change. Her charitable work never went unnoticed and despite her ability to dress down to help kids get clean water in Africa, when she dresses up, she’s always well put-together. She represents the everyday girl, making her more relatable to young women in particular.

Taylor Swift


I know what your thinking, hasn’t she had a bunch of scandals? Yes, she has, but all to promote her work and create a mini alter ego in the media for the sake of her music. Aside from her strategic marketing tactics… She’s always tasteful, well spoken/mannered and overall a woman with a genuine heart for those she loves.

These tasteful ladies are the breath of fresh air we need in this world and are excellent role models for women of all ages to be. We should all learn to be a bit more charitable, kind, poised, polite and stylish in a more conservative way. We don’t need to dress or act outlandishly to gain attention. Let the way we hold ourselves gain recognition and the way we speak give us power. In a world full of music video vixens and unhealthy influencers, I’m glad we have role models like these to look up to.

What classy ladies are on your list?

Featured image via U.S. Department of Defense / Public domain


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