6 Reasons Men Love A Curvy Woman In Bed

Society gives curvy women endless reasons to feel insecure. Being naked brings out our biggest and most terrifying insecurities. But let’s be real, we all know that we shouldn’t be insecure, and is far from a turn-off for our partners. We possess certain assets that make sex better for both parties but no one ever wants to talk about it… So I’m going to.

1. We have more cushion for the pushin’.

To sum it up, curvy women can handle deeper, longer, more intense strokes. That’s right, we can take that d*ck! Certain sex positions are less abrasive on the male pelvis with curvy women. The added cushion absorbs the impact of his thrusts, which allows him to stroke more intensely with minimal risk of injury for both parties. Doggy style, woman on top, bridging; all of them feel better with women who have more developed lower bodies. 

2. Our bodies are like a playground.

Obviously curvier women have more surface area to explore, and luckily for us, almost all of them are erogenous zones. The bum, breasts, hips, and thighs are all areas that create arousal energy when he touches, plays with or stimulates them.

3. The erogenous zones appeal to kinks.

In addition to the previous point, body worship is a common practice in the BDSM lifestyle. Kissing, sucking, licking, rubbing, biting, or even massaging body parts like legs, feet, boobs, and bums are all a major part of the pleasure for the BDSM enthusiast and the recipient. Therefore, it’s a win-win for both parties even more!

4. The shape of our bodies enhances certain sex positions.

To even further the previous two points, when her body moves, her curves move with her. Certain positions like doggy or cowgirl can really make her body move along with each thrust. When a man sees or feels her bum, for example, jiggle on his pelvis, it gets him more turned on for a variety of reasons. 

5. We’re a whole lot of woman to hold onto.

You know the saying “I’m a handful?” Well, it’s true. And luckily for us, men love to get a good grip of ass, boobies or even hair or thighs. Obviously, our curves make that possible. 

6. We’re confident AF.

Sure we can be self-conscious at times, but if we are getting into bed with someone, clearly we trust them and can be our unapologetic selves. This means we can laugh when things get awkward, love when they squeeze our extra skin or get turned on feeling our body move from their pressure.

Although people overlook curvy women, we have a lot of admirable traits that make us such good sexual partners. And if you need one more reminder, we are the least judgemental people on the planet, so we instantly take the pressure off of him to perform. We make sex fun and offer an experience unlike no other. Who wouldn’t want a “good time girl?”

Featured image via RODNAE Productions on Pexels


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