To The Guys Who Don’t Understand Why Girls Are So Damn Confusing

Everyone knows that women are extremely difficult to read and understand. There are common misconceptions about what they truly want and what their actions mean. The truth is, women are fairly easy to understand once you learn what each individual wants. Because we are such unique individuals it can be hard but we do share a lot of common thoughts, feelings, and mannerisms.

Women are afraid to express themselves because we fear looking like an idiot or being rejected. There have been so many times we’ve tried to open up to someone about our feelings and have been laughed at or been called “crazy”. Like when we try to be cute and say the little things we like about our beau and they look us dead in the eye because they think we said too much too soon. We need to be able to feel comfortable enough with you to know we’re on the same page.

Women get their hopes up because the second we hear someone’s interested in us or giving us attention, we automatically start planning the future in our heads. That doesn’t mean what our wedding will look like, or our children’s names. We think about how he’ll fit in with our family at Christmas and fun dates we’d both enjoy. We see attention as someone genuinely wanting us. That either makes us feel amazing, or like a piece of garbage when we find out his intentions.

Women pay attention to social media pages. It makes our entire day when we see our crush like our picture or favourite a subtweet about them. But it also crushes us six feet deep when we see him like another girl’s picture, especially when it’s someone we despise. It’s not because we don’t trust him, but it makes us feel like he thinks they’re more attractive, or that there’s further interest beyond the picture.

Women tease men more than they could ever know. If we know our man likes a certain top, we’ll purposely wear it in front of them to get their attention, or to see if they notice. We genuinely do like to please you in any way we can.

Women test men without them even knowing, which is so unfair. When our man can’t decide whether to go out or to stay in with us, deep down we hope they pick staying in with us because they want to. We’ll say “doesn’t matter,” because we fear they’ll think we’re clingy. At the same time we’ll get mad because they didn’t stay with us, which only creates a fight. Going out makes us feel like they don’t want to be around us, even though we know they do and they just want their boy time. Stupid, I know.

Women love getting reaction Snapchats in response to snaps we send them. It makes us feel special and shows us their interest. Bonus points if it’s from a snap story.

Women pay attention to your mannerisms. We’re well aware men aren’t nearly as open with their emotions like women are, but not all women will see him as weak for getting things off his chest and showing emotion. In actuality, we love when they do because it shows us how much you trust us and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Women give you hints almost every single day and we would love it if we didn’t have to. We’ll send a Snapchat to see if you’ll open and know if you’re busy when we’re waiting for him to text us. We’ll see something in a store and show interest in it, hoping we would get it as a gift for our birthday.

Women need reassurance. We like being told where we stand with you so we know how to treat you and how to act around you. We like knowing if you still have those feelings for us, or if they’ve changed. It’s so important to us!

But what we love the most is knowing how much we are appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a long good morning message to start off our day, although we love those surprises more than any man will ever know. We will always appreciate knowing, and we will give just as much appreciation back. We just want to know if we have his heart and that he wants ours too.

Women may be sensitive, jealous, or emotional but it’s only because we have huge hearts and we genuinely care.

If you’re a guy reading this article, even if it’s just because your woman sent it to you, congratulations. You’re opening yourself up to learning something about women that they’re afraid to say, and having a conversation with her where you two don’t have to even speak.

Featured image via Amina Filkins on Pexels


  1. I appreciate the article, but literally just confirmed how utterly confusing and let’s be real, the most illogical selfish mindset. Women have definitely changed and corrupted that’s to the powers that be conditioning them in the media and social media. So many confused girls to the point they really believe they’re gay, when they’re not. I was born in the wrong generation. Lots of women lost their damn mind. Go enjoy fkg some random violent felon, when literally crying everyday why cAnT I fInD a nIcE guy. It’s beyond stupid. If women were treated this way and this much as men are, my God their would be riots and the media would have a meltdown. Sick of all these utterly stupid irrelevant selfish games, at the expense of men wanting a wife and kids. Thanks media for fkg me over and shorting me that. Karma is coming for the media!

  2. TF this just makes me hate other women even more! As a woman how had to deal with other women’s nonsense, all this article does is solidify women’s place as the bringer for confusion.


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