Why You Should Trust Airbnb When Booking Your Next Getaway

Attention all travelers, tune in, we have a secret that’ll make your future travels so easy. Planning a trip isn’t always the best, especially when you’re on a budget. Those hotels are very expensive, and in all honesty, aren’t really the best, but don’t worry, we have your solution: Airbnb. This is an online marketplace and hospitality service, that enables people to lease or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds or hotel rooms. Okay, so now, take a deep breath in and prepare for this excitement… wherever you are going, Airbnb is there for you. Airbnb is in more than 65,000 cities and 191 countries, plus it has over 200,000,000 guests (holy shit is right).

Not only is this an incredible site to participate in but it also helps not only you but the renters as well. The people who are renting their homes out can have the security of having someone trustworthy in their homes while they are away. It also provides the renters with a steady cash flow coming into their pockets. So, either way, you look at the situation… it’s a win-win.

How do you find the right place? Well, that is a matter of option and what you are into for your vacation. Some places are located in the midst of the city, far above the city lights while others are located in the countryside for exploring. Either way, you are able to choose what you would like and can read all about the renter, what they expect, and see what the place looks like. That’s better than a hotel, am I right?

Another kick ass feature Airbnb has is an experience center. Depending on where you are destined to go, they have adventures and local experiences for you to check out. From rooftop yoga to surfing to cooking classes, these experiences will make your adventure even more exciting than it was before.

Still not sold? Wait, because there’s more. Let’s say you are in complete love with Airbnb and it is speaking to you like nothing else you have ever done, so you never want to leave. You don’t have to. There are job opportunities all over the world. Yes, I said it. This company is hiring for multiple different positions all over the world. Interested in working in Japan, Quebec or Paris? The options are limited, just apply and hope for the best. These positions are more than just renting too!

For a short recap, Airbnb is an incredible site that allows travelers an easy route to finding a place to rest their heads and make it easy when finding activities to do in a new city. It provides events based on your location, your duration of your stay, and your recent views, cool right?!

Airbnb really offers that one-on-one home-style travel that you’ve always been missing on the go. Hotels rarely remember who you are or even look forward to your health and safety reviews, while Airbnb lets you talk to your renters to discuss exactly what you want out of your stay both in and out of the house. Hotels tend to recommend attractions based on partnerships and bonuses for them, but Airbnb renters will always be glad to share recommendations based on their personal experience of the hidden gems in any area you wish to explore. The one-on-one experience can really give you a step up too since you’ll be in touch with the renters any time.

Any travelers out there who are in need of a new trip and don’t have the time to do the hours of hotel searching, try Airbnb, you won’t be disappointed. Allow traveling to be more fun and enjoy each step along the way, from the thought in your head to the booking of the room and all along the vacation. Let Airbnb be apart of your adventurousness lifestyle and you will be nothing other than happy with the decision you made.

*Disclaimer: This post is in no way connected to Airbnb in any way financially or otherwise*

Collaboration with Cassandra Vella

Featured Image via Pexels


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