Why I Continue To Stand By My Girl Taylor Swift

Judge me all you want to, but I can’t help it.. I love Taylor Swift. She is my alter ego, she is my squad leader, she is my future best friend and can do no wrong in my eyes. There are many of you out there that see her as an “attention whore.” There are many of you that see her as the “actress who plays victim just to write songs about it.” And with the release of her new album, Reputation, there are many of you that simply just find her annoying, hate her new music, and wish she would go away. I’m here to tell all of the haters, you’re wrong by telling y’all why I’m okay with having the Reputation as being a Swiftie (music pun intended).

Let’s start by throwing some facts your way. Reputation came out 11.10.17, less than a week ago. With more than 925,000 albums have been sold in just four days, already setting the bar to be the highest grossing album of 2017, Taylor is already on track to break her own record for her album 1989, which sold more than a million copies in it’s debut week. As per her “competition” that always seems to have beef with her, Katy Perry sold 180,000 in the opening week for her latest album Witness in June and Kayne West only sold 94,000 in his opening week in April with his album Life Of Pablo. Mic drop… Now that we have covered the major facts and we can’t deny that she doesn’t have major marketing/star power, let’s get down to her music.

People hate the fact that my girl “Tay Tay” throws some major shade at her “extremely vocal haters,” but I find it fantastic. Needless to say after the MTV incident of ’09, I have been the captain of Team Taylor and wishing that Kayne and the rest of the trashy Kardashian gang would fall down a large hole and stay there, but when “Mr Perfect” came back and said that he wanted to squash this beef with Tay Tay, I was apprehensive. The “phone call incident” was the end to an era and you can’t deny, Kayne used it to his advantage to once again try to take the spotlight away from my girl. Kanye got to say his piece, write a song and talk sh*t about my girl, but why can’t she give it right back? We all knew Taylor was going to have a major come back and kill it, which she did with her song “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,“ “Look What You Made Me Do,“ and “I Did Something Bad.” As for Katy, well, it wasn’t hard to do better than “Swish, Swish Bish,“ a toddler could have written a better song than that. Speaking of writing…

We have grown up with Taylor’s beautifully written songs and we continue to with this album. We cried with her when she was Fifteen and dealing with gentlemen that just wanted to steal her V-card and run away. We fell in love with Tim McGraw, got our heart broken with Dear John, and pulled ourselves back together with We Are Never Getting Back Together. We got Clean with Taylor when you force yourself to get over someone that is bad for you and now we are exploring our sexuality with Don’t Blame Me, Dress, and So It Goes. People aren’t happy to see Taylor in this new light, admitting that she is growing up and has sexual relations with men. SHE IS HUMAN PEOPLE. Did you expect her to keep writing about high school?

Another thing that some are angry about with this album is the sound isn’t “Normal Taylor” and calling her a “sell out” by using the style that Ed Sheeran uses with the rap into singing or some of the beats that are popular in music today, but here is the thing about music, IT IS FOREVER EVOLVING. Artists are meant to grow and use trends to help their music evolve with their personalities. You can’t expect Taylor to still be sitting in her bedroom with her acoustic guitar singing about the boy on the football team or how she felt when her friend ditched her at the mall. While she is still using her own lyrics and sass to keep her songs original, meanwhile also using some of the beats and techniques that are popular today, and that’s completely normal.

Ultimate Ginger View: PUT REPUTATION ON REPEAT AND BECOME A SWIFTIE ALREADY. I’m not saying that you have to like her as a person, but there is something to be appreciated with her music. This girl has got some serious talent and it sometimes gets overshadowed by the media or her haters. Reputation really showcases the range of talent that this girl has and it is awesome to see how much she has grown. It is an album that will keep you dancing, make you feel powerful, and most importantly, will keep you feeling good. Go out and buy it or download it now!

Originally published on Ginger Views

Featured image via “Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour” by Evan Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer / CC BY-SA


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