Why ‘The Bold Type’ Will Inspire You To Be The Woman You Want To Be


A few weeks ago, while I was scrolling down on Instagram, I saw a picture of the famous “I’m a boss, bitch” mural, and The Bold Type tagged on the image. I didn’t know what it was and why a lot of bloggers and Instagirls I admire were uploading photos there, but after a little research, and realizing it was a TV show, I found myself binge-watching the first three episodes, always crying at the end of each.

I wish I could blame the PMS or the fact that I’m really sensitive, but no, the reason why I cried was that I started to question myself and wondering what am I doing to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

What kind of woman do I want to be? Sounds like an easy question, especially because I have the answer on the tip of my tongue, and it includes the words “fierce,” writer,” “fashion blogger,” and “girlboss.” Yes, it’s a little cliche and millennial, but I think every girl has the right to choose who she wants to be.

The question here is, what am I, and all the girls that have ambitions and dreams, doing to become who we want to be? Are we fighting hard to achieve our dreams or settling down? Are we speaking our minds or just accepting what everyone else says?

It’s not easy, and personally, I struggle a lot with the career and dating areas. I wish I could land my dream job right now and stop accepting jobs that don’t make me feel passionate about them, but I have responsibilities and expenses to pay. Having it complicated when it comes to jobs and guys, has affected me my self-esteem and who I think I am, but also, this has shown me how strong and bold I am.

When it comes to opportunities, when I hear the word “NO,” I take it as a challenge, and I find a thousand different ways to do it and prove them wrong. When it comes to guys, I’ve learned that love is a battlefield, and I have to know when to take risks and when to guard my heart.

I like to think that these feelings are part of growing up, and are stuff that a lot of women can relate to, and that’s why seeing the girls from the show, has made me feel like I’m not alone on this battle called “adulting.”

I see Sutton, the girl that loves fashion and won’t give up on her dream and all the girls that like her and I, that y don’t have the picture perfect background, are working hard to reach our goals. I also see  Jane, the girl that is trying to find her own voice, and I see myself and my friends, girls that are in their early 20’s, still trying to figure out which road we want to take. Lastly,  I see Kat, the girl that is trying to accept who she really is, which I think is one of the biggest challenges for a female, accepting who she really is, with her not so perfect body, scars, stretch marks, bad mood, and weird sense of humor.

It takes courage and guts to face the world and their prejudices, but I know that I can do it, and you can too. We are not girls made for settling or accepting things that don’t make us happy, we’re women that were born to shine bright, be strong and be bold.

We were born to be the bold type.

I am the bold type.

Featured image via The Bold Type


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