Why Your Long-Distance Friendships Are The Most Special Ones

Adulting can feel impossible at times, especially when it comes to making and maintaining friendships. However, true friendship knows no distance. In fact, it can span time zones or even continents separated by oceans. And although all friends hold a special place in our hearts, there’s no denying that long-distance friendships are the most special breed of all.

Long-distance friendships are the best because you truly cherish every moment you spend together. 

When you live in different cities or even on opposite coasts, the small amount of time you get to physically spend together is sacred. You treat those moments with the utmost care and plan ways to utilize every second. The good news is, even the most mundane activities turn into something infinitely better when you and your long-distance amigo enjoy them side-by-side. Every moment matters, and you find ways to maximize them all.

Long-distance friendships are also amazing because you can find creative ways to keep in touch.

It takes some extra effort to keep the conversation going when you can’t see each other every single day. But that’s also part of the fun. Perhaps you find fun greeting cards to mail or schedule weekly Skype slumber parties that may involve a bit of wine. Then again, maybe you’re just the type who sends memes and Snapchat pictures to each other throughout the boring workday. Regardless, you know your friendship is important; distance never dampers your ability to stay connected.

Long-distance friendships enhance your life by providing new experiences.

When you’re friends with someone who isn’t local, you can actually use that distance to your advantage in several ways. First and foremost, exploring their city is the perfect excuse to get away from your life at the office and at home. Of course, there’s also exploring your own location through a tourist’s set of eyes when they visit you. Or maybe you plan halfway meetups and take road trips together so that you can both feed your wanderlust. Thanks to your far-away friend, you get to live life and enjoy an abundance of incredible experiences, both together and apart.

But most of all, long-distance friendships are the best you’ll ever have because your connection stems from the heart.

Long-distance friendships aren’t always easy. In fact, they require constant effort. However, that special care is exactly what makes them some of the best connections you’ll ever have. You never take your long-distance friends for granted. Nor do you put off the opportunity to be with them anytime you can. After all, they’re not your next-door neighbor; they’re often hours away.

So, here’s to our long-distance friendships, the best ones of them all. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I think that all of us with faraway friends feel that sentiment all too much. Although we miss them incredibly often, long-distance friendships are still the best we’ll ever have. These special connections provide us with precious moments, new experiences, and the most meaningful tokens of love. Long-distance friends not only remain forever on our minds, but they live inside our hearts.

Feature Image by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


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