10 Inspiring Women Share What They’re Looking Forward To In 2017

Everybody wants to pursue their goals, especially in the New Year; that’s why many people made New Year’s Resolutions. Pursuing your goals won’t be easy at all; it takes courage and a brave heart to do so. When you want to pursue something for your own good, you need that excitement within yourself and you need a big determination to achieve it.

To be more inspired in this beginning of 2017, I asked 10 women about what they’re looking forward to  during 2017 and their answers were inspiring:

1. This year I’m excited to see God’s love and His blessings in my life. With His love, I will spread more to my surroundings as well.” – Yohana, 21

2. I’m looking for a steady commitment to my own self; I want to live healthier, to express myself through art, and build self-love within myself so I don’t need any validation from others.” – Rifa, 21

3. “This year, I’m looking for a new way of learning through my internship. I believe those new lessons from a work experience will help me to become a world-class marketer.” – Mai, 21

4. “Despite improving my skills through some new courses, this year I’m looking forward to getting some lessons from sadness and failures because I know this life is not always about glitter and gold. – Gaida, 21

5. “This year, I’m looking forward to pushing myself beyond the limit. I want to see how well I can handle big responsibilities.” – Abigail, 20

6. I’m looking forward to countless adventures ahead! New people, new experiences, new challenges, everything that life offers me.” – Adinda, 21

7. I’m looking forward to making decisions for my own life after I’ve graduated from college.” – Nanda, 21

8. “This year, I’m looking forward to empowering the youths around me through the organization that I run and I want to be more patient than before.” – Dina, 21

9. “This year, I’m looking forward to traveling to more places I’ve never been and I want to learn how to play the piano.” – Rara, 22  

From all the responses, I can sum up that 2017 is the year of being fearless;

You have to look forward to new experiences you haven’t done, new faces you haven’t met, new places you haven’t been to, and new lessons that you haven’t got from the previous years.

This year, no one can stop you to pursue anything that you want to achieve; this year, it’s all about you. Always remember that when you want something, the universe will help you achieve it. This final response sums up the most important thing we all need to understand about thousand possibilities in this 2017:

10. “For me, this year is about making a decision between getting married and pursuing my Master’s Degree. Many people are anxious about such decisions, but not for me; whatever the decision I will take, I will be okay. – Merry, 27

Featured image via Denner Trindade on Pexels


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