Your New Year’s Eve Expectations vs. Reality That Are Painfully True

We all have certain expectations when we start off the New Year. Some of us make endless resolutions that get carried over into future years, while others start off completely fresh: not looking back at their old life. Whatever the New Year may bring, New Year’s Eve is the time to let loose and have some fun as a way to say goodbye to the old year. However, not every New Year’s Eve expectation becomes a reality, and as we all grow older we just learn to laugh about it. Here are some harsh realities we all learn to recognize as we get ready to celebrate NYE.

House Parties


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House parties are the best! You get to meet new people, make interesting conversations, snack on your favorite junk food, and maybe even dance a little.  


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Some people have so many options for New Year’s Eve outings that the house party you are going to might simply be ignored and end up being a kick back instead, which doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with your friends.

Party Invitations


You will go party hopping as you receive invitations from your different friend groups.


Most people just don’t care about New Year’s when others travel for the holidays. There might be a chance that you will just be spending New Year’s Eve all by yourself of with a very few close friends.

Your Hair and Makeup


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Your hair and makeup will be flawless when you enter that party and all eyes will be on you.


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Your hair and makeup will probably disappoint you during the pre-drink before you even leave your house. Sometimes it seems that your hair and your face have a mind of their own, and they like making you miserable.

Leaving the House


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You’re going to leave early and make it to the house party/club right on time.


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Obviously all your friends are not ready, and you all leave an hour late. There is also the dreaded situation of being stuck in traffic because the whole world seems to be going out on NYE.

Staying Up Late


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You’ll be awake till 5:00am dancing the night away because you’re a party animal.


You’re yawning and your eyes are closing by 1:00am, and you don’t know how you used to stay up ‘till 4:00am during exams or finishing those final papers. Do yourself a favour and give your body a rest by taking a nap in the afternoon for a couple hours before the big event.

Midnight Kiss


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You’ll meet the perfect stranger, and you will share a magical kiss right at midnight.  


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If anyone is actually paying attention to the time you’ll probably end up awkwardly hugging the person next to you. This could have been worse because someone creepy could have been hitting on you.

With age, New Year’s Eve really is just another night, and we naturally lower our expectations. Don’t be disappointed if your NYE night out was a complete disaster. Try to make the most out of every moment, even if you thought it could have turned out better.

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