8 Places Girls Absolutely Do Not Want To Be Hit On

As us girls go through our lives, we get hit on quite regularly. But it’s not just at the club or out with our friends. A lot of girls get hit on in the strangest of places – it’s like they can’t turn in any direction without a f*ckboy looking to ask for her number. Enough is enough, boys. Here are a few places that girls do not want to be hit on.

  1. The gym.

Boys, we are here just trying to get our sweat on. Please don’t interrupt our sweaty treadmill-ing to ask for our numbers or tell us our asses look great. Let us sweat in peace.

  1. Starbucks.

Haven’t you ever heard of “don’t talk to us before our first cup of coffee?” Just…let us order our coffee without hearing from you.

3. Target.

Target is a sacred place for us. Literally just let us shop for everything we don’t need without hearing how great we look in our leggings and our t-shirt.

  1. Social media.

Facebook is NOT the place to find a girlfriend. Don’t contact your exes, don’t hit on your sister’s friend. Just…no.

  1. Traveling.

We’re probably going somewhere amazing. If you’re going to say something in the airport, the train station, etc to us, at least be classy and polite about it.

  1. The pharmacy.

Our medical needs are private. Enough said.

  1. The street.

Catcalling, boys? How about no.

  1. Work.

During work hours is not the time to ask that girl you think is cute on a date. If you want to do it at all, wait until after hours, or until one of the two of you has a different job.

A lot of girls honestly don’t mind getting hit on sometimes – as long as men are respectful about it. Still, though, we don’t need to be hit on in any of these places. A lot of the places listed here are sacred to us girls – we like going to these places and living our best lives. We don’t need you ruining them.

Featured Image via screengrab from Walk Of Shame



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