Why A Woman’s Beauty Goes Far Beneath Her Makeup

Beauty lies in the way she taps her high heeled stilettos as her favorite tunes play on the radio.

Beauty lies in her posture, head high and shoulders back, walking elegantly as if the ordinary street was her runway.

Beauty lies in her conversations, filled with controversial political statements and thought-provoking questions.

Beauty lies in the friendships she cherishes the most, her extended family she loves as if they were bonded by blood.

Beauty lies in her eyes, floating in thoughts and wanderlust, restless to explore a world beyond her own.

Beauty lies beneath her complexion, natural and bare, a gift of Mother Nature.

Beauty lies within her fingers, writing her thoughts at night, never to forgetting her wild adventures.

Beauty lies in her thoughts, entangled in her mind like knots in her naturally frizzy hair.

Beauty is her charity and her passion for hard work.

Beauty lies in her carefully chosen words, eloquently floating off her tongue.

Beauty lies in her speech and pronunciation, resembling a Broadway, leading actress.

Beauty lies in her body, her home which she loves and treasures, calling it her home.

Beauty lies in her heart, the one she doesn’t open for just anyone but holds the key locked for someone special.

Beauty lies in the unconditional love she has for her family, her safety net she knows will always catch her should she fall.

Beauty lies in her legacy, one which she hopes the world will remember her by forever.

Beauty doesn’t lie in her possessions, her foundation or her on-screen life. It lies in the depth of her soul, her brain, and her grace.

It lies in her ability to speak her mind, follow her heart and dance as if nobody’s watching.

It lies in her strength concurred by being thrown to the wolves, only to come back leading the pack.

It lies in her ability to kill with kindness.

Because her beauty is her attitude, which is all she needs to conquer the world.

Feature image via Pexels


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