How To Cram For An Exam As Told By The Real Housewives

We have all been there. Maybe once. Maybe 12 times. Maybe you should be studying as you’re reading this article. That’s okay because I should be studying too as I write this. Cramming the night before an exam is a right of passage for any undergrad, (or the usual for me lol) and comes with a variety of emotions and dramatic turns. Similarly, so does the Real Housewives franchise. I have often been left the night before to cram as I have wasted my entire day binge watching the ladies of Atlanta, New York, or New Jersey. Or all three. So naturally, the marriage of these two things seemed… eminent.  Here is the joy of cramming for an exam as told by the Real Housewives:

False Optimism

“This isn’t gonna be that bad!”

“I can do this!”

“Maybe I won’t be totalllllllly dead by the end of the night.”

“I can totes get to sleep before midnight!”


*lays out all pens and highlighters in an aesthetically pleasing way for Snap story material*

*spends 45 minutes picking the perfect stuDYING playlist on Spotify*

*checks Insta for 20 minutes*

*gets lost in dark hole on Insta*

*creeps to hard and finds something you didn’t wanna see*

*cries a little*

*texts 5 people about the tea you just found*

Getting Down To Business

*pulls life together*

*actually starts writing things down*

*establishes an amazing study flow*

“Oh f*ck yes honeeeeey, I got this!”


*you SUDDENLY remember how STARVING you are*



“Studying burns like a shit ton of calories I swear, it’s like a sport.”

Doom Sets In

“Oh God, I still have three months of notes to go.”

“What does this MEAN?”

*frantic Google searches of key terms*

*hourly countdown ensues*

“Well if I take no breaks between now and 5 am I can get three hours sleep.”

Reaching Out to the Outside World

*maybe I’ll text Tianna from class and see if she’s struggling too*

*texts Tianna asking if she’s “ready to die tmrw lol” *

*feels immediate relief when Tianna texts back that she’s “totes gonna fail tmrw lmao” *

Accepting Your Fate

“Honestly like whatever is meant to be will be.”

“I’ve done all I can do.”

“This literally isn’t my fault, my prof is whack.”

*writes angry review on Rate My Prof*

Fantasize About Life After This Exam is Over

“I deserve literally every luxury in the world after I write this exam.”

“We HAVE to get drinks after this is over!”

“Imma get F R E A K Y!”

And there you have it. Just remember, while cramming for an exam is always near torture, it feels so much better than just winging it. And sometimes you even surprise yourself with how well you actually do! If not, let this be a learning experience to study more in advance next time… or not. YOLO!

Featured Image via realhousewivesofbeverlyhills


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