This Is What Living Your Life The Way You Want Feels Like

An under the rock style of living is my definition of letting other people control you. I know it may sound kind of weird, but think about it, how many of you readers are like that? I know I was, I have always been the type of person who takes everything personally but I refuse to show it. I have always let people walk over me, I have always put my needs and wants after others and I have let that be my life. Although one day I realized I didn’t want to live like that and I realized I didn’t have to. Being polite and respectful is one thing but letting people control you is another, I’ve noticed the difference and changed my views on certain people, let me tell you how good it feels.

It is honestly like I have transformed into a new person, it’s like I have given myself a brand new beginning, it’s like I finally have control over my life and can once and for all take responsibility for my actions. Instead of letting people tell me what to do, I tell myself. Instead of not saying anything, I speak up. Instead of putting others’ needs and wants ahead of mine, I focus on my own needs and wantsbecause I deserve to.

Everyone has their own life and some people choose to live it differently but for people like me… STOP. Stop allowing yourself to be pushed over because you’re supposed to live your life, not theirs. You’re still young so what is stopping you from living your life the way you want to? Show the world the true you, you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.

You become so much more responsible, independent, respectful, and most importantly happy. The idea of being responsible for all of your actions and following through on your thoughts allows you have control. To have control over situations and yourself… what is more responsible than that? Independence also comes with age but it is something that always keeps growing- it grows with time. Think back to what you were doing and where you were, one year ago. What were you doing? Have you changed? Do you wish to see change? Independence is very important for that to happen. Respect is something you were hopefully taught all throughout your life. Similar to independence, respect grows all throughout your life but the earlier you understand the complete meaning of respect, the more you respect others and yourself. It makes you a better person and allows you to grow, in ways you’ll be happy with. Speaking of happiness, it is the best factor of getting out of the rock style living. You see some people (like me) who believe they are someone but they tend to have multiple mood changes, life issues, and attitude swings- passing off that negative energy. I have become such a happier person since I have noticed the difference between people who need and people who want, as well as my needs and wants. Your mind shifts drastically. It’s remarkable.

I know this is a bunch of words. I know I sound crazy. I know I sound like a sappy positive person but that’s exactly what I’ve turned into. I’ve removed myself from under the rock style living and now I am happy, respectful, responsible and independent. You may be different than me but to me that sounds like, winning the lottery.

Most of the people you are putting ahead of yourself will not be with you for the rest of your life but you will be. You’ll always be there so don’t you want to be the best you and enjoy your time the best you can? Think about yourself, be proud of you, be the person you are happy talking to your children about. Be the best you.

Featured image via Elizeu Dias on Unsplash


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