10 Gifts Any Millennial Would Be Hyped To Receive

Millennials are at a weird age where no two are at the same stage in life. So trying to figure out what to get a young adult for their birthday can be challenging. Do you get them something for them to use when they move out or for their new place? Do you stick with clothes, or an impersonal gift card where they’ll know how much you spent? The decisions are endless.

One thing I pride myself on is gift giving ideas. I hate going the traditional and predictable route, so I’ve created a list of some millennial must-have products that you can give the young adult in your life that they’ll be really glad to receive.

1. An Instant Camera

One of the biggest trends right now is an instant camera (especially the colourful ones). This gift allows the recipient to take candid photos instantly and cherish the memories forever with adorable polaroids. They will collect them and make wall art or albums with them too, so be sure to include extra film with the gift!

2. A Really Fancy Travel Mug/Cup

Whether it’s a Bubba brand for them to use when they travel, or one they can use for every season on their way to work, these never go unappreciated. They may seem small, but it’s all about the ability to use it.

3. An Astrology Book

A lot of millennials are interested in astrology, so why not give them a gift to enhance their learning? Next time you see them they’ll be bringing up facts about every sign and even you will learn some things.

4. HP Sprocket

This device allows users to print polaroids from their smartphones. Using an app, you select any photo from your phone, add a filter or border, and press print. It’s a really great gift that not many people have but will want once they see it.

5. A Board Game of Some Sort

Board games always create the best memories, and believe it or not, board game culture is wildly popular in our generation. Extra brownie points if you find a game from their childhood or one that’s really hard to find.

6. A Collection of Your Own Favorite Beauty Products

Millennials adore getting simple beauty product recommendations . Whether it’s make up wipes, a great face mask, nail polish, or even acne creams, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to try new things. They could potentially discover a new favorite too!

7. Easy Recipe Cook Books Based on Pop Culture References

Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Barnes and Noble, and all other big name book stores carry cookbooks based off of popular movies or TV shows that will encourage any young person to cook new and easy dishes. My recommendations include the Mean Girls Cookbook or the Friends Cookbook.

8. Decorative Accessories

Whether it’s a fancy pot for plants, a uniquely shaped shelf thing (no one knows what they’re called), or a picture frame with a nice saying, all millennials will appreciate them. Colors to look for include gold, rusty brown, or white.

9. A Tray For Bubble Baths

Believe it or not, these are really hard to find, but when you do they aren’t as expensive as you think. If you have a woman in your life who likes a good relaxation session, this is an ideal gift they probably don’t have yet but will get a lot of use out of.

10. A Costco Membership

You laugh, but I got one for Christmas from my Godparents and it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard of. The savings alone on Costco gas was worth the cost of the card in itself and more. But the savings on other products for home appliances, clothing, or food in general are so worth it, especially if they’re just starting out in the adult world. I would 11/10 recommend this gift!

11. Private Number Plate

Isn’t it cool to receive something that is very well-thought out? Private number plates give that “especially for you” vibe that will surely be appreciated. Check this site to find a combination that best describes the owner’s personality, profession, or advocacy.

You can never go wrong with any of these gift ideas because they will be used one way or another. And if you’re the person who they identify as the gift giver, you’ll always have a great reputation with everyone else.

Plus, all of these vary in price depending on your budget, and can be used for any millennial at any stage of life.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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