4 Zodiac Signs That Have Terrible Luck With Love

Love comes with all kinds of highs and lows. Sometimes you can’t pinpoint what keeps going wrong and causing hopeful relationships to fail or why you can’t even get a first date. One thing that may help explain your unsuccessful attempts at finding love is your zodiac sign.

I know what you’re thinking, how can a make-believe sign tell me if I’m unlucky at love or not? Well, there are some common suggestions that may actually be factual. Our zodiac signs are often accurate based on the reflection of our personality types.

There are 4 signs that seem to have trouble with finding love, so this may apply to you if you’ve been feeling the frustration too.

Cancer (June 22- July 21)

Cancers tend to put all of their eggs in one basket. And that’s in every aspect of life whether it’s when searching for jobs or searching for a soulmate. They go all in with their emotions, so if they are into something they invest in it with their whole heart. If they’re uninterested, they’ll really make it known that they have no interest. So if they get scorned by someone or something, it takes them a long time to recover from the heartbreak. So when things don’t work out in a relationship, they feel unfortunate.

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Virgos’ misfortune with love is twice as likely as any other sign. When they love, they love pristinely and passionately so it becomes difficult for them to love again. They’ll always stay optimistic and open to new experiences and won’t ever fully shy away from dating only because they know they have to kiss a few frogs until they find their one true love.

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Capricorns are very serious by nature. They don’t typically have misfortune when it comes to love, but if the timing is off then it becomes unfortunate for them. They are the type of people who when they have their mind set on something, they need to have it.  So when it doesn’t work out, it really does affect them. If it doesn’t accommodate a Capricorn’s side, it’ll be an issue.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces always view people with rose-colored glasses on. They willingly don’t like to see the bad side of people and gloss over their bad traits. Pisces can also sacrifice a lot to please other people. So when it comes to relationships, they do take it to heart when the relationship ends. They usually don’t see it coming even after they’ve given it all they’ve got. Luckily for this sign, they tend to recover quickly and can move on from the past.

Obviously, no matter what your sign is, you will always face highs and lows in your love life and it’s totally natural. Luck will eventually be on your side, you just have to get over it in your own time. The tables will turn in your favor and you will find love in an unexpected place.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


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