To All The People In Your Life That You Forget To Thank

Life is endlessly chaotic. It’s one big thing after another, with a million small little things in between. There are weeks where I’m dragging my ass through Monday, and yet before I know it it’s already Thursday. There are many, many things that we take for granted every day simply because we don’t slow down long enough to realize that we do.

It’s not just things that we take for granted, it’s people. On a daily basis, I lean on various people for support and don’t think twice about how much time and energy they put into making sure that I’m doing okay. These people may come and go from our lives, or even be strangers who simply smile or hold a door for you when your hands are full. Every single one of these people has impacted your life in their own way, yet how often did you stop to appreciate them? I mean really stop, not just to yell a thank you at them as you rush into work or school.

In honor of all of these wonderful people, there are a few I wanted to take the time to really thank.

1. The Stranger: The other day was insanely windy and it just so happened to be the one day I had to carry a bristol board around with me as I had a presentation. Not only did it nearly catch the wind and break in half, but it almost sent me flying as well. A stranger walked up to me, asked if I needed some help and because of him, I made it to class unscathed and with my bristol board in one piece. So here is a shout out to all the strangers who do kind deeds for others without even thinking twice about. We appreciate you; I appreciate you.

2. The Calm To Your Storm: At least once a week, I look at my calendar and think “holy shit, what was I doing for the past five days, and how am I going to manage this?”. You panic, you stress, you curse, and you contemplate just laying in bed and giving up before the battle even begins. Then you talk to this person. They are the calming force that drives away the storm in your mind and tells you that you got this. I’d like to dedicate my degree to this person, who knows where I’d be without them.

3. The Organizer: At a certain age getting together with family and friends becomes more and more challenging. You get so busy sometimes time goes by without you even noticing. Then the organizer swoops in, tells everyone where they need to be and when, and leaves you with only one job: showing up. These people should get paid.

4. The Best Friend: With graduation coming, I’m a ball of a stress. You listen to me complain, encourage me to take breaks, and take care of my mental health when I’m too careless to understand what it is worth. Without you, I have no idea where I would be. Thank you for being generous and wonderful and for absolutely everything you do for me.

5. The Funny One: You know that stress I was just talking about? Well, one thing that cures it better than almost anything is laughter. There’s nothing better than a person who can send you into a fit of laughter that leaves you crying, short of breath, and wondering when the last time you did an ab workout was.

6. The Honest Friend: Sometimes all you need is that one extremely blunt friend to tell you exactly how it is. They’re not there to take care of you, they are there to keep you in line. When I’m complaining too much, or when I have forgotten just how fortunate I am, they are there to knock me back down. I appreciate you keeping me grounded, and for being so courageously honest. Maybe you don’t see it as a gift, but it truly is a gift to me.

7. The Mom: For some, this may be a family friend or a close friend who takes on a motherly figure in their life. While for others, like myself, it is their actual mother. These individuals are absolute saints. She’s the best friend, the honest friend, the stranger, and every single person all rolled into one. She consoles me when I need it, is honest with me when I need to hear it, and does unexpected kind deeds that I take entirely for granted. Thank you for being my hero. Thank you for keeping me in one piece. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a good person.

These people are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re lucky enough to even have two or three of the people on this list, don’t take it for granted.  Every day we are affected by the kind actions of those around us. By the end of the week, we may even forget what half of these actions were, but it’s important to stop and acknowledge those who did them for us. Make sure to thank those who have helped you today, their presence in your life isn’t something to take for granted.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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