These Stats About What Millennials Eat Will Weirdly Surprise You

I have no doubt the ‘y’ in Gen-Y stands for YUM, because #FoodieLife and food is life. Leave it to us millennials to make the word “foodie” a thing, because that’s the most intimate relationship we know how to have without messing it up. We’re obsessed with food; we love it so much that it beats out the number of our selfies on Insta. Think about it, why would you spend a dollar and some change for a coffee at McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts when you can get a coffee for $8.50 at the trendy new coffee shop down the street named The Cawfé Café and brews only the most organic coffee beans with dragon tears? (Literally have no idea if any of what I just said is a thing, but here we are.)

The crazy part is companies are slaving away trying to figure out our consumption habits and it’s pretty freaking weird to see what they compiled about us. Take a look and see if any of these stats surprise you (because I didn’t even know this sh*t about myself):

With all this being said, it’s no denying we as millennials are a hard-to-please bunch, which is why most companies still have no freaking idea how to effectively win over our attention and business. Shout out to us for being the most confusing generation yet. 

Featured image via Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash


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