4 Ways To Actually Get Yourself Motivated In 2018

Motivation – it gets you up in the morning, it keeps you going through difficult tasks, it drives you to your goals and keeps you determined to succeed.

As much as we want to be, we cannot all be motivated all of the time. It’s not uncommon to fall into a slump. Many of us struggle to get out and it can be a downward spiral of unmotivated and unproductive days.

Sometimes, you may need a little helping hand to get back on that bandwagon. So here it is, a helping hand, reaching out. So, if you’re done feeling down, lazy and procrastinating, read on for top tips to get motivated today.

Goals Goals Goals

It’s all about goals, motivation needs a target. How can you possibly get motivated when you have wishy-washy goals with no real definition? It’s important to mention at this point, that you shouldn’t set the bar too high. Stick with goals you can actually achieve, small and specific. Even if it’s just to wash your hair, it’s a small task that’s going to make you feel a hell of a lot better after and completing your goal will feel awesome.

Write down your goals in a notebook or a journal and make sure you physically cross them off when you complete them. That feeling of taking pen to paper and putting a great big cross through a sentence will bring you so much satisfaction. I promise.


t can feel embarrassing and silly, but it really does work. Affirmation is all about telling yourself that you are going to do something in order to make it happen. It stems from the phrase – ‘you are what you think’. If you want to get that promotion at work, tell yourself in the mirror every morning that you are going to get that promotion. “I am going to get my promotion at work” – it’s simple yet effective.

Affirmation strengthens us by helping us to believe in the potential of an action we desire. By verbally affirming your dreams and goals, you can empower reassurance that your wishful words will become a reality. Ty it out, it could be anything from “I am going to go out and meet new people tonight and enjoy my night” if you are having a hard time socialising – to “I am going to be successful today and have a fantastic day at work” if you are struggling to perform at work.

Get passionate

Whatever your goals are, big or small, it is important to be passionate about them. Remind yourself daily why you are doing what you are doing and this will help you to feel passionate.

If you are struggling to think of something you can be passionate about, try visualization. Imagine yourself getting up extra early and leaping out of bed. You get yourself dressed super quickly and are full of enthusiasm about your day. It is a beautiful day and the sun is shining on your face as you open the front door. Now work out where you are going and what tasks lie ahead of you following this feeling. That is where your passion lies.

Do new things

It’s important to keep your life spiced up. Do new things on a regular basis, it doesn’t have to be skydiving and river jumping, it could just be a new coffee subscription you haven’t tried before or grabbing dinner with a new friend. Anything from a cool new Jamaican coffee subscription to asking that co-worker you enjoy chatting with at work to lunch will keep spice and fire in your life. Maintaining your daily schedule is like a warm blanket, it keeps you secure. But sometimes it’s good to take your blanket off and push yourself into dealing with new situations and finding new solutions to unknown problems.

Are you ready? Do you feel motivated? Squash those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You are strong, you are beautiful and you are successful. Remember this and tell yourself it every day. Replace can’t with can and you’re well on your way.

Featured image via Derrick McKinney on Unsplash



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