4 Things Every Girl Truly Wants After A Long Day

When the hours tick by slowly, and you find yourself slowly craning your neck back and forth, trying to stretch out your exhausted muscles. You rub your eyes or shake your head, trying to snap your focus back on the task at hand. Just one more hour, you can do it.

When the clock finally hits home time, you couldn’t be more relieved. Somedays are inevitably long. They stretch out in front of you like an open ocean, and no matter how hard you strain your eyes, you just can’t see the end of it. We all know this feeling.

The only good part about these days is the feeling you get the second you walk through your front door and know that the day is finally over. Now, we all know what we women do next.

1. We get the hell out of those damn work clothes. We strip down, we put on a baggy t-shirt or sweats. So long as it doesn’t require a bra, we don’t care!

2. Once that is out of the way, your next stop is the kitchen. Well, your next stop is actually wherever the closest bottle of wine is located. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I just skip the glass completely. You can always just throw a straw in there!

3. With a glass of wine in hand, the next step is to find a snack. Some comfort food maybe, or just like a whole loaf of garlic bread, whatever is handy. Your day was long and hard, you deserve some damn food.

4. Last, but certainly not least, you just let it all go. You slump yourself down on the couch and let the stress that has been building up all day roll off your shoulders. Maybe you have to go back to work tomorrow, but for right now, that’s not important. Right now, Netflix is calling your name and you couldn’t be any happier about it.

We all have crazy long days, we all stare at the clock in disappointment and frustration. Just like we all deserve to come home to whatever comforts us most! Don’t kid yourself, you work hard all day, if you want to take a night off and indulge, you do it. You earned that wine; you earned those carbs. Welcome to being a working woman, sometimes that laundry can wait!

Featured Image via Pexels.



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