What Women Want You to Know About the Importance of Female Support

Women sometimes have a reputation of being mean, overly competitive, insecure, and jealous, but how can we be kind to each other? Ending our jealous ways can feel hard to do, but there are plenty of ways to support your fellow women. Here’s what five women want you to know about the importance of supporting women and how we can lift each other up: 

“I think women have been tearing each other down [for too long], and it’s time for that to change! We need to cheer each other on in whatever it is [that] we’re doing and [support each other] emotionally. As a mama to two little ones, I feel so blessed to have an awesome community of other mamas who lift me up when [I have] a bad day or [struggle] with the grind of “mom life.” There’s something about the bond between women that’s different from [your bond with a partner]. [In my direct sales career], my fellow consultants cheer each other on and celebrate our accomplishments and it’s so nice to see”  – Carolyn S. 

“I think it’s important [for] us to support each other because honestly, if we don’t, no one else will. Biologically, we all go through similar struggles, [like] periods, childbirth, [and] hormonal changes … that only we understand. [The things we face as women] affect our mood [like] periods, childbirth, [and]hormonal changes… that only we… understand. [The things we face as women] affect our mood and self-confidence sometimes. It’s always nice when a man tries to help make [us] feel better, but at the end of the day, they can’t because they don’t understand. I think [that] as women, it’s important [for us] to lift each other up, even if it’s [just with] a simple compliment…  I also feel [like] it’s very important [for women] to support each other in the workplace because most industries are male-dominated, and sometimes the only way to… get a leg up [is with] another woman’s support. I help women out by being a friend, listening to [other women], helping them, taking them seriously, complimenting them, and uplifting [them] instead of putting [other women] down or trying to compete [with them].”  – Shatia S. 

“I believe [that] supporting people in general is important, but I think women can be [especially] vulnerable in social and professional situations because of their empathy, sensitivity, and tendency to [give so much]. Women also tend to be caretakers and may have [families who rely] on them for support.  On an individual level, I [try to] be kind, encouraging, inclusive, and positive. I’ve also helped [other women in their professional lives] with coaching for certifications… and [job references]. On a community level, I donate to women’s shelters [and] organizations like Planned Parenthood” – Meg B. 

“I believe [that] supporting other women is important because if we [don’t] support each other, who will? I think [that] you can support other women by not judging [them when they have different opinions from yours].” – Laura G. 

“Supporting other women is important because [uplifting other women encourages us too].As a woman, I recognize [that] there are struggles [that] only other women… understand… [When we] acknowledg[e] disparities [in] the workplace, safety, [and] healthcare, we can bring… these issues to a larger portion of the population. Only then [can we] invite positive change and guarantee [every woman] a seat at the table. We all have something to learn from other women, [so] it is important that we are open to learning about [both] new and shared experiences. I help women out by [sharing] knowledge from my areas of expertise to push them toward achieving their goals, ensur[e] their safety in risky situations, and listen when they need a safe space.” Emily J. 

Competing with other women is a waste of time. Taking your insecurities out on other women isn’t worth your energy. It’s important to remember that you were once a young girl, and so we’re all of your fellow women. Treat other women the way you wish you were treated when you were younger. When you support and encourage other women instead of acting out of jealousy, you can change their lives — and yours.

Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash


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