Drink Up: 6 Benefits Of Having A Glass Of Wine A Day

Forget the outdated saying about having an apple a day to avoid doctor visits; forget the legitimate health benefits of red wine when it comes to your heart. I’m talking about the chicken-soup-for-the-soul kind of good that wine does for you. Whether it’s red or white, sparkling or filled with pieces of fruit, wine is really all you need to cure whatever ails you.

Having a bad day? Relax. There is no classier way to chill than with a glass of your favorite adult grape juice. I think it has to do with the steady sipping; you’re not rushing to get that drunk feeling or trying to avoid what it tastes like running down your throat.

Need to get the creative juices flowing? Sit and sip. Since we already know the wine will relax you, it’s only fitting that your mind will wander. I recommend sitting by a window or putting on some classical music. You’ll feel a story coming on in no time.

Got a major project to finish? Use wine as a reward. Because you have to drink an entire bottle to get drunk, it’s not that crazy to let yourself have a long sip as you check off an item from your to-do list or once you finish a page.

Feeling sleepy but restless at the same time? Put wine in your bedside glass instead of water. All alcohol is a depressant so in the grand scheme of things, there’s a reason you pass out after boozing hard. But, again, wine relaxes you! You’ll be in your happy place dreaming in no time.

Spending time with the family? Cheers. We established that wine makes your feel classy as you put yourself into a stupor so what better way to survive a big gathering than with a big glass. And when it’s all over, you’ll be able to fall right asleep.

Have to be social but you’re poor? Happy hour glasses or bottles are the way to go. A glass at a bar is no more than $7 and can be sipped slowly without judgment. A bottle of halfway decent stuff is under $20 and more than enough for 2.

Wine saves us all way more than it gets credit for. From saving you from yourself or from your second cousins’ stage five clinger girlfriend, wine does a whole lot of good. Stock up the next time you’re out and you’ll thank yourself for it for months to come. Stay classy, my friends.

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  1. That’s right; alcohol is a depressant. That makes it a way you can relax. That relaxing is good for your heart; studies show that people who drink a glass of wine a day have a lower chance of heart disease.

  2. I really like the idea of drinking wine to help you fall asleep. I have been having some trouble sleeping recently, and I was wondering what I could try. I can see how it would be helpful to have a glass of wine before bed, because it has always helped be sleep in the past now that I think about it.


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