The 36 Unwritten Rules Of Girl Code All Women Need To Live By

Girl Code refers to the unwritten rules all women follow with their closest friends. It has many actions that should never make our girlfriends question our loyalty. The Girl Code is the ultimate list of rules of ethics we follow that could essentially make or break a relationship.

These are the unofficial rules and friendship commandments of girl code:

1. Wait Until Your Friend is In Their House Before You Drive Away

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Safety always comes first!

2. Tell A Girl Her Outfit Has a Malfunction or If It Looks Bad

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The truth hurts, but your friends need to hear it.

3. Be The Amazing Photographer You Wish You Had

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Seriously, your girlfriends always appreciate good photos!

4. Never Go After Your Friends Crush or Ex

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The ultimate betrayal. How could you even think of doing that?

5. If You Arrive Together, You Leave Together

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It is so morally wrong when girls don’t follow this rule. Unless you’re leaving with family, your friends will frown on you leaving without them.

6. Always Check In on Your Friend While They’re on a First Date

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Especially if it’s a Tinder or Bumble date. You can never be too safe!

7. Never Let Your Girlfriend Go to The Washroom Alone in Public

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You never know when your friend will needs back-up in that department.

8. Rescue Any Girl You See Being Annoyed By a Creepy Guy

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I don’t care if you have to tackle that creeper like a linebacker or pretend to be your friend’s girlfriend. Never, ever let a woman experience this!

9. Boost Every Woman’s Confidence

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Empowered women empower women.

10. Tell a Girl If Her Man Is Cheating On Her

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It’s the #1 rule of Girl Code.

11. Help Your Girl Send Angry Texts To Her Man

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You’ve got a problem with your guy? Let me help you solve it in a long-ass text message. We’ve got to fight this battle together.

12. Always Take Her Side… Regardless of Who She’s Up Against

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Never forget whose team you’re on.

13. Assist in the Change Room At All Times When Shopping

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You shouldn’t even think about it; you just do it!

14. Always Seek Permission Before Hitting on Your Friend’s Relatives

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They might be low-key cute, but you can never, ever make a move unless your bestie says so.

15. If Your BFF’s Torn About Getting Something They Deserve, Give Her Guidance

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Your fave girls deserve the world!

16. If You Have an Extra Tampon, Help a Sister Out

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You’d want someone to help you if you had a tampon situation, so you should do the same for your friends. We’ve  all been able to relate to this at one point or another!

17. Always Be There When Your Friend Needs You After a Break-up

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You’re probably going to be more heated about the breakup than she is, too. No one messes with your girl!

18. Do Your BFF’s Parents Proud And Protect Her

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Her parents will love you even more for looking out for their little girl.

19. Be a Good Wingwoman

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If you see a honey worthy enough of your best friend, work your magic, girlfriend!

20. Continually Insult Your Bestie to Remind Her You Love Her

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Is she really your best friend if the two of you don’t tease each other?

21. If You Suspect That  Another Woman Is Hanging Around Your Friend’s Man, Tell Your Friend

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A female intuition is strong and we know how other women are. We will let their intentions known.

22. Defend Your Friends In Their Absence

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A friend is not a friend unless you defend them in their absence.without their presence.

23. Never Ditch Your Friends For a Boy

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Never! There are no excuses for this one.

24. Always Keep Their Secrets Safe

The only time you should break this rule is if your friend’s in danger, and someone else needs to know to help save them.

25. Never Abandon A Drunk Friend

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Never leave a friend behind! This is one of the biggest Girl Code no-nos.

26. Speak Up If You’re Concerned About Your Friend’s New Friend’s Intentions

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We all have our suspicions…

27. If Someone Breaks Your Friend’s Heart, Kill Them

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Don’t go to jail for committing murder, but still, do some serious damage. Your best friend is worth it!

28. Even if You Don’t Agree With Your Best Friend’s Relationship, Stand By Her

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I know, it’s hard to hold your tongue, but you’re a great friend for always supporting your #1.

29. Don’t Forget To Remind Your Friend of Your Bond When You Need To

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Sometimes we forget how much our friends appreciate us, and we need them to reassure us that they love us, even though we know where they stand in our lives.

30. Be Any Girls Security Guard When Trouble Arises

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t know her, if you see any woman uncomfortable because of a man or someone else, help her. I know I said it before, but this rule is so important it’s worth mentioning twice.

31. Always Show Your Friends That You Appreciate Them 

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You aren’t best friends unless you’re drunk and slurring, “You ma best friend.”

32. Don’t Be Afraid to Vent to Your Bestie And Let Them Vent to You

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You’re not just her best friend; you’re also her therapist (and a darn good one at that!)

33. If Your Best Friend Has a Reason to Hate Someone, So Do You

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Bye, girl!

34. Celebrate Their Successes Like They’re Your Own

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I mean, you’re like the same person anyway, so celebrating your friend still benefits you.  

35. Don’t Let a Girl Walk Into a Stall Without Toilet Paper

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We’ve all been there.

36. Grab Your Friend’s Phone When Necessary

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Especially if alcohol is involved,  intervene. We don’t need our friends to get away with sending nudes, drunk texts or “I Miss You” messages.

Never forget that your girls are always #1! If you follow most, if not all, of these, congratulations. You are a damn good friend and your friends are lucky to have you! Give yourself a pat on the back and a glass of wine (because there’s never a bad time for wine).

Featured Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash.


  1. This helped me out alot because me and my friends made our own girl code and it didnt work out so i wrote all yhis down and broght it to school i agree with all of the ones about you or her man,crush, or ex

    • um, ive accidentally done #4…. dont @ me…. i didnt know she was his ex…. im a girl btw… okay, long story short, i asked a girl out and she turned out to be my ex boyfriends ex girlfriend.. oops….

  2. My friend broke #4 she keeps saying how she has a crush on my boyfriend! But I’ve been with him for about 5 months now, so I can’t just leave him! Idk what I should do ;/

    • Hello, that’s so mean of your friend, she’ll get over him. Keep on going out with him because he’s YOUR boyfriend, not hers. Also, defend yourself and your boyfriend when she says that crap.

    • That isn’t cool at all. If your friend and yourself have a really lone friendship and this is a one time thing than I would just bring it up. Your girlfriend is more important. But if this is a re-occuring issue or she’s done this in the past no matter how long you’ve been friends I would definitely say something and if she doesn’t understand distance yourself. And if you’ve been suspicious of him, then screw them both.

      • hello i think this helps me alot but i have the same problem my friend keeps trying to hit on my man but i been dateing him since i was 5or7 i am now 11

    • Girl that your boyfriend tell her to back off show other people because hes your YOUR BOYFRIEND. Period!! That ain’t cool tell her the truth and be honest. She may be mad but its alright she WILL understand and if she doesn’t shes fake and tell that so she feels SUPER GUILTY!! If you need help hmu i got chu sis!

      • I’d almost say to leave it alone for a bit and wait to see how things play out. If it still bothers her or upsets her and you value that friendship I would hold off on going any further with the guy only because you value your friendship that strongly.

    • You got to look over at Bro Code for that. Bro Code states there are conditions.
      1) they weren’t in a relationship
      2) friend already got rejected
      3) you have to ask for permission to shoot your shot

      (I didn’t make this up. The bro code that says this).
      Got to follow the rules.

  3. you are all gonna come for me but i find no problem dating ur friends ex unless they were a total dick to them and/or still have feelings unless have permission

  4. Girl that your boyfriend tell her to back off show other people because hes your YOUR BOYFRIEND. Period!! That ain’t cool tell her the truth and be honest. She may be mad but its alright she WILL understand and if she doesn’t shes fake and tell that so she feels SUPER GUILTY!! If you need help hmu i got chu sis!

  5. Every single friend I ever had would always break rule number 33. No matter if I wasn’t at fault at all (And I’m doing this without bias I’m being actually serious) like this bitch ripped my book and suddenly bam my friend is her friend and doesn’t defend me at all. I guess that’s how my trust issues started since I can’t trust anyone to have my back anymore 🙁 I just want someone to put me first like I do to them

    • I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s always the worst to be betrayed like that especially by a best friend. Don’t worry, your trust issues will change when you learn how to judge character better over time and with experience <3

  6. Ok so I need help. My friend’s ex from 2nd grade is coming to our school, and my other friend said “Imma date him if he’s hot.” My friend who was his ex and I both agreed that, even though it was long ago, nobody should date him, like, that’s girl code. But the girl who wants to date him and another friend of ours were like “That was many years ago, it doesn’t count anymore.” What should I do?

    • Hey! I suggest standing by your ground and continue to follow girl code. There isn’t an expiry date on that stuff unless its kindergarten (then it obviously wasn’t real lol). If it causes a fight, then allow them to do what they wish but still be mindful that the other person may not have boundaries.

  7. Oh my god, I agree with #4 but one of my friends had a crush and her best friend to annoy her when after her crush in a flirtatious way & told me exactly she was gonna do it and why


  9. I broke girl code #4 but my bestie said she was fine with it and that she just stopped having feelings for him and that he was a good guy and shouldn’t be kept off limits from me. But now I’ve been feeling bad about it but I really love this guy and he’s a great guy. What should I do?

    • Hey! I say have a real heart to heart with her and ask for her honest opinion. If they broke up mutually or if it wasn’t serious and she genuinely feels okay with it, use what you know and do what you feel is best for you.

      • and he does like her at all he said he hates her and they know each other but he dont talk to her like at all he doesint talk to any girl i said he can but i have to meet them first and he said he not going to be friends with a girl

  10. Wait, so what if you’re friends with the person your best friend hates, but you didn’t realize it sooner?

    • I would suggest to try your best to keep those friendships completely separate after expressing that you are friends with someone your friend hates (and to the other if it’s common knowledge they both know each other). That way they aren’t blind sided and hurt, and you aren’t picking sides unless something happens where you need to.

  11. Okay so I have an friend I wil call her A what if A has an boyfriend called B and B has an friend called C and A likes C and C likes A And B is okay whit it bc B likes me so I asked A if she was okay whit it and she said yes and everyone is shipping C and A and B and me while we don’t are official yet bc A and B just broke up yesterday but yesterday just kind off starred It what should i do i know i should wait a few days or weeks but idk if I should do it (I’m from the Netherlands so sorry if my English isn’t good)

    • That’s totally okay, I know what you mean! I would wait a bit until the emotions settle and then go for it if everyone says they are 100% okay!

  12. damn kinda stupid for dating my bsf ex. i mean, im fucking stupid. me and her are in a huge fight bc of her other ex. i havent talked or seen her in a month. idk what to do any advice?

    • Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear about you and your bestie fighting, that always sucks. I would have a straight forward, open and honest conversation with her and ask her how she’s feeling. Let her speak, listen to what she says and embrace it. Don’t cut her off or make excuses-you already feel bad enough. She just needs to let out what she’s feeling first, as I’m sure she feels betrayed in some way, and once she gets it off of her chest see where you can go from there. Extend your apologies again and express what you’ve been feeling. Just know she’s probably feeling really hurt and unhead, so validate her as much as possible for how she is feeling. Hopefully this helps and you are able to move forward from this.

  13. I need advice guys so for number #32 venting to them and letting them vent too, you see me and my bsf usually have a lot of stupid drama going on in our lives so we tend to vent and we talk each other through it ya know so a few weeks ago i spent the night at her house and we were just taking about what had been going on in our lives cause we hadn’t seen each other for a few months well a few days later i get a text from her gf telling me to stop talking to my bsf because she has enough drama going on in her life and she doesn’t need my bullshit. Her gf was being really mean about it and i brought it up to my bestie but she still hasn’t replied I need help here guys.


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