8 Signs That You And Your BFF Are In A Relationship

Nobody gets you like your bestie does, here's why she will always be your one true bae

In your twenties dating and romance play a huge role in your life. But there’s another relationship that will always be just as meaningful as any boyfriend, and that is the one with your BFF. Oftentimes, you may feel like you’re dating your best friend and others might question just how close you two are. Even if you’re in a serious relationship with somebody, your friendship with your bestie will always be number one. If any of the following applies to you and your BFF, then you know they’re your true love.

You cuddle. Movie nights automatically mean sharing the loveseat and snuggling as opposed to lounging on opposite sides of the room. There is no personal space with you and your best friend because you love them more than anyone and that means cuddling is necessary.

You’re never bored. You can sit together and literally stare at your phones not talking and you’re happy just to be hanging out together. Or you can throw on a movie and completely miss the entire thing because you both could not stop chatting and gossiping.

You love to spoil each other. Remember that eye shadow palette you thought was adorable? Well a boyfriend probably wouldn’t have been paying attention, but a bestie remembers, bought it, and is bringing it to your house before the pregame tonight.

You have the same taste. Shopping is easy because half the time you see something you both like, one of you can buy it and let the other borrow it whenever they want. Going out to the club? Only one of you needs to bring a lipstick because you’ll probably be wearing the same exact shade all night. Bonus points if people always ask you two if you’re related.

You can be apart. Long distance relationships can be exhausting and stressful, but being in a long distance relationship with your bestie can actually be kind of fun. You spend all day texting, FaceTiming, Snapchatting, and sending each other hilarious videos. Weekend visits are the absolute best when you can show your BFF around town and give them a tour of all of your favorite spots. A long distance bestie is always better than a long distance boyfriend.

You tell it like it is. You don’t hesitate to say what needs to be said when it comes to your BFF. If she’s making a horrible mistake, you let her know. If she’s not looking as fly as she could in that outfit, you let her borrow something of yours. You don’t tip toe around what she needs to hear because you love her and she deserves the truth.

Your boyfriends are automatically best friends. Since you and your BFF love each other so much, it’s only natural that you would want your boyfriends to enjoy hanging out too. The boys will be seeing a lot of each other during big events where you and your bestie have to celebrate together; New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, even Valentine’s if you guys are truly committed.

You can truly be yourself. In any relationship, there are certain sides to you that you might not want a significant other to see or a history you might not want them to know about. But with your bestie there’s no hiding anything. They’ve witnessed the awkward phases, they’ve helped you through the outbursts, and they’re the ones who picked you up when you were at your absolute worst.

Overall, your BFF gets you like nobody else ever could. In your 20s, your relationship with your bestie is the most important one. They know and want what’s best for you and will stick by your side through anything. When life gets in the way and things get busy, don’t let your friendship with your bestie fall behind, you can always lean on her for support.

Always hang on to your best bae.

Featured image via Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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