7 Signs You Have A Best Friend You Should Never Let Go Of

You might have a lot of friends, but we all know that we keep a few closer than others. They are what we call our “best friends.” I am fortunate to have a few of these amazing friends in my life. The ones where I don’t have to explain anything to them because they already understand. The ones that I can just look at and they know what I’m are thinking. What sets these people apart from the rest is that they put your needs first. They are selfless when it comes to you because they love you that much. Here are five things your bestie always does for you:

1. Pick you up in the middle of the night

Maybe you’ve had too much to drink or just can’t find an Uber. Or maybe you got in a fight with your boyfriend and just need to get the hell out of there. They come to get you, no questions asked. They don’t care if they were sleeping or in yoga pants without any makeup. Point blank, they love you and want to make sure you’re safe. They don’t think about what they are missing out on. They are focused on you.

2. Listen to your boy problems

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I’m not just talking about how your date was last night or why you and your ex broke up. I’m talking about when you can’t get over that one guy and all you do is talk and talk. You know y’all aren’t suppose to be together and so does everybody else. Yet they always lend an ear to hear the same shit every time. Why? Because they love you and we all know how it feels to be stuck on that certain someone.

3. Lend you money

I’m not talking about the “I’ll pay you back” kind of loan. When you are so close with someone you don’t need to keep tabs on what the other person owes you. You have faith that it usually equals out anyways. Your friendship is stronger than money.

4. Goes through the hard stuff with you

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Your friends are there when you hit up that new bar or when you go to the beach but sometimes in life you have to go through the tough stuff. The kind of stuff that’s not easy, but she simply takes your hand, smiles, and says “let’s do this together.” Whether it’s a funeral or a dry wedding, your friend’s standing with you.

5. Stands up for you

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Your best friend has your back like no other. In fact, y’all are so close people wonder if you are the same person. When a boy doesn’t treat you right, she reminds you of your worth and to not put up with their shit. Also, your ex is scared of her because she’s probably tried to fight him a couple of times. Basically anyone who has ever done you wrong, she will fight. She’s loyal and she’s your number one.

6. They always knows what’s going on

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No matter what is going on, she always has the 411 on it. Whether it’s relationship drama or a family emergency, she is your go to person for everything. She is the first person you call with the latest gossip or when something goes wrong. She knows your life almost better than you do.

7. You can communicate through looks

When you are best friends with someone you don’t need words to communicate. You can tell by their body language and facial expressions exactly what is going on. When she is chatting it up with the guy at the bar, you instantly know if she needs to be saved or is totally digging him. She reads your mind and you can easily read hers back.

Through the years you are going to have many friends, but you’ll probably only have a few that are your closest. If you have these best friends already, don’t take them for granted because they are few and far between. Finding a best friend is more valuable than a boyfriend. They last longer and are just as hard to find. So tell your best friend that you love her and that you are so thankful to have someone as special as her.

Featured image via Marlene Leppänen on Pexels


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