7 Affordably Fun Things To Do With Your BFF This Summer

With summer being half done you may have already done some of the things on this list, but if you haven’t there is no better time to get to it! Summer is the time to have fun and take advantage of the weather and the free time. So here’s a list of things you and your best friends should do this summer.

  1. Have a 2+ day sleepover.

Having a sleepover with your best friends is fun, but try sleeping over at his/her place for more than just one night! You get the excitement of what it would be like to live together, without actually having to do it. You also really get to notice the weird things about them that make you love them just that much more.

  1. Go to the beach.

Going to the beach is a good time, but going to the beach with your best friend is a whole new level of fun. Not only will you both get the chance to get killer tans, but checking out boys at the beach is pretty great too. Why wouldn’t you want to see cute boys while you and your best friend look pretty cute yourselves?

  1. Have a photo shoot.

Alright, put on a full face of makeup, get a change of clothes and shoot! Having a photo shoot with your best friend is always a blast. Not only are you surely going to get some gems for your Instagram, but you’re also going to love getting ready together and taking pictures. Other than you, who knows what angles you love and hate? Your best friend of course!

  1. Go on a road trip.

Hopefully one of you have your licence and a car at your disposal, but going on a road trip with your best friend is something to remember. Turn up the music to full blast, while you guys drive with the windows open and the wind blowing in your hair. Don’t forget those funny parts of going on a road trip with your bestie, where you get to see her road rage or getting hopelessly lost and meeting some hilarious locals.  

  1. Watch an entire season of a show.

Doesn’t matter what you’re into. Whether it’s horror or comedy, you have the entire summer to watch any show you want. So on those days where you guys just feel like chilling and doing nothing, watching an entire season of a show is something you should definitely do.

  1. Go to a drive-in theater.

Everybody loves movies. So what’s better than going to a drive in movie, bringing some food (which you’ll probably have to hide under a blanket as you drive in), opening the trunk to set up a cozy place to sit, and just sitting and watching a movie under the stars? Probably nothing.

  1. Downtown adventures.

No matter where you live there must be a downtown. Take a camera and get ready, because downtown adventures are great. Walking around a city is fun on its own, but walking around with your best friend and discovering new places, whether it’s food, clothes or knickknacks is an experience I highly recommend.

After reading this list hopefully you got a few ideas of things to do with your free time this summer. If you feel as though there isn’t enough time to do all these things, then don’t stress. There’s always next summer!

Featured image via Harrison Haines on Pexels



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