Why Every New Relationship Needs The 3-Day Rule

There are so many girls on the internet sharing dating advice and tips based off the mysterious “Rule of 3.” Whether you’re looking for a recurring hook up or a future boo-thang, the 3-Day Rule may come in handy to save your search from ending in accidental heartbreak. For starters, the 3-Day Rule is when you take a 3 day break from texting/contacting/messaging your potential new bae to see if he/she will reach out to you first from time to time as well.

When it comes to dating someone new, unofficially, the fact that nobody can read minds really grinds some gears. There’s always the constant downhill of “what-if’s” but the possibility that this person could be the one also” lingers on. When your hopeful fantasies start to cloud your brain, take a step back and really think about what’s going on. Between the positive and negative “what-ifs,” read into the situation at hand before assuming everything you’re doing and feeling are being reciprocated.

The 3-Day Rule is tough to start, but it can be done with some patience, trust, and hope when it strongly relies on the use of phones or messaging apps. First, after those good morning/night texts and emojis, take a three day break from texting first. Yes, three whole days of waiting for your potential lover to send you a message first. Unfortunately, SnapChats do not count, unless there’s a high stake snap streak on the line–always do it for the streak. Snap streak or not, grab some ice cream and put on some Netflix and hunker down in a blanket nest for 3 days, or go out with all your besties for three days; do whatever it takes to not creep him/her out and refrain from sending those first messages for 3 days.

If he/she texts you first during that break like everything’s A-Okay, you’re in the clear. He/she’s a keeper. But consider it a possible red flag if he/she is either:

A) Obsessive and seems like he/she wants to control where you’re at after you stopped sending them the first hellos; including aggression or super-clinginess


B) Completely silent and doesn’t even realize there was anything going on to begin with; and/or doesn’t even know who you are

It’s not highly recommended to tell them you’re implementing the 3 Day Rule, keep it subtle. Humans in general don’t like pop quizzes and tests, so if you want to give this one a shot, you can choose to keep it on the DL, or be honest with your potential BAE if honesty is their thing.

Head’s Up: Try to keep yourself as busy as you possibly can during this waiting period because the longer you dwell on it, the more anxious you’re gonna make yourself.

Coming to terms may be the hardest part of testing the 3 Day Rule but it may save your love life once or twice. Whether you struggle from finding yourself getting attached too quickly or have a thing for guys who are detached from their phones, this trick might offer you some guidance in figuring out what, or who, you really want to choose. If your potential relationship survives the three day rule, keep it.

Keep in mind that no message, can be a message all in itself.

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