I Know You Doubt It, But You Deserve So Much Love

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I don’t deserve love, and maybe you have, too. It could be that you’ve been hurt, that your past is filled with cuts and bruises that linger on your skin. Maybe you’ve never felt the warm, embracing breeze of love despite every trail you’ve wandered. Perhaps at some point, you settled on something that seemed “good enough” because you thought you’d never stumble across anything better (or anyone who was interested at all). It could be that you don’t love yourself, so why would anyone else? Why should anyone else?

But, here’s the thing, my dear: you deserve so much love.

You are worthy of a love so pure and deep that it resembles the calm and clearest of seas. A love that envelops you entirely, it should bring comfort to your soul. You deserve a love that’s true, a love that feels complete. It should be a love that’s patient and kind: a love that accepts your flaws for what they are, yet also celebrates your successes and assets with the highest of awards. The love you receive should be the one of your dreams, a love that meets all your most precious desires. You deserve to be surrounded by a love filled with protection, hope, and perseverance.

You may wonder why you deserve such an exquisite and unbelievable love.

What you never realize is this one fantastic fact: you are incredible. I want you to see it, to feel it in the depths of your soul. You really should believe me when I say that you are radiant and delightful, hilarious and invaluable, the kindest and caring soul which I have ever met. I want it to ring inside your ears and sing within your heart that you are marvelous, stunning, beautifully unique. Look in the mirror and see what I see: it’s absolutely breathtaking. You are radically radiant, and you don’t even realize.

It may take time to recognize, to fully discern what a catch you really are and the love that you should be receiving each and every day. You may need to plant your feet in the sand, allowing the sunshine and the waves to wash over you, releasing that pain of the past that lingers within you. Perhaps it will just take time, spending nights watching the sunset and enjoying its simplistic beauty. It may require letting go of people, their hurtful words and dark ideas that taint what you can see. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope, crossing my fingers and my toes, that you’ll take the leap when it is time. I want you to allow yourself this one selfish indulgence.

Because, here’s the thing, my dearest; you deserve so much love. You deserve all the love in the world.

Previously Published on Thought Catalog

Photo by Rose Elena on Unsplash


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