6 Struggles Of Job Hunting: Expectations vs. Reality

Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows it’s not a two day process. It would be nice to just write your resume, send it out and get an instant reply. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. We’ve always been inspired to go after our dream job as if our ideal workplace is right around the corner. However, we never seem to find it as if we aren’t looking hard enough.

Eventually the bills will pile up and being out of work for too long becomes a luxury. Obviously, getting a job that makes you want to cry every morning is not the ideal situation, but we have to step over ourselves and be the adults that we pretend to be everyday. Getting yourself to start looking for a job and perfecting your resume can be a nuisance, but we never expect it to be too difficult of a task. On the other hand, life is never what we expect it to be. Here are some realities that all job hunters can certainly relate to.

Perfecting your resume:


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I have read up on how to create the perfect resume on every job blog that I could find, and now my resume looks perfect.


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What is this job experience people keep talking about? What do you mean my resume should not be three pages long? Should I include that I volunteered at the library when I was in High School? These are the questions you are asking your bestie as you two procrastinate the whole evening chatting on the phone.  

Sending out resumes and cover letters:


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I will apply to ten job posting a day because I know that the more positions I apply for the more chances that someone will get back to me.


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I applied to one position today, I think that’s productive enough!

Finding the perfect job:


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I hope my favorite magazine is hiring an editor. I have the experience and the education, I’m bound to get the job!


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You check back every couple of weeks for a job posting at your favorite magazine, but there is never anything available. There seems to be no recycling of jobs, and everyone who works there is glued to their chairs.

Getting back phone calls:


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I hope I get a call back from at least half of the places, which I applied to.


If I applied two months ago, how possible is it to still get a call for an interview?

The interview process:


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I will be prepared way in advance for the interview. I will research the company, think up of questions to ask, and prepare my outfit the night before.


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I’m late as always. I rambled through every question. I don’t even know what this company does. I will never get a job.

Waiting for a call back:


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I think the interview went very well. They should give me a call back within the next couple of days.


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Ah, another rejection email just came!

Looking for a job can be extremely frustrating. But, just know that there really is something for everyone, and be persistent.

Never give up!  

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