30 Promises I Made To Myself On My 30th Birthday

I am officially no longer a 20-something woman. 

Here are 30 promises I made to myself for the 30th chapter of my life: 

1. No matter what happens, I promise to try to always be happy.

2. I promise to live my life in a way that inspires others. 

3. Even on my bad days, I promise to be gentle with myself. 

4. I promise to surround myself with people who bring my heart happiness and nurture my soul. 

5. I promise to never give up on myself and my dreams,  no matter how many times I fail. 

6. I promise to trust my heart as my inner guide that ushers me through life. 

7. I promise to always stay true to myself because I am who I am.

8. I promise to laugh more and complain less. 

9. I promise to love unconditionally and always remain open to love in return. 

10. I promise myself to walk away from anything that no longer serves me. 

11. I promise to always live life to the fullest. I vow to live in the present moment and appreciate every minute I get to spend on this Earth. 

12. I promise not to let my inner demons tear me into pieces because I know I am loved and worthy. 

13. I promise to take every chance I receive. I’ll never look back and regret not doing something I’ve always wanted to try.

14. I promise to continue to seek knowledge and find ways to expand my mind. 

15. I promise to show more compassion because my loved ones deserve it.

16. I promise to continue to evolve little by little, day by day. I’ll continue to walk the road of self-improvement. 

17. I promise to listen to my body more often. I’ll give my body what it needs when it’s telling me to stop and rest and take care of it when it’s stressed, fatigued, or in pain. 

18. I promise to smile more every day and bring smiles to others’ faces, regardless of how I feel 

19. I promise to step out of my comfort zone so that I can experience new things.

20. I promise to leave the past behind and only take forward the lessons that I learned. 

21. I promise to live the life that I want. I’ll live my life however feels right to me, not a life that pleases others. 

22. I promise to speak kindly to myself and others. 

23. I promise to learn how to walk alone. I’ve realized that some people in my life will refuse to walk beside me as I embark on my journeys. Some simply won’t approve no matter what I do, and that’s OK. 

24. I promise to let go of people who shouldn’t stay in my life. I’ve learned that some people come into my life temporarily simply to teach me lessons. I don’t have to hold on to anyone who is not meant to stay because of not all relationships last. 

25. I promise to let myself feel so I can heal. After all, it’s OK to feel weak sometimes. I must remind myself that no matter how long it takes, I will get better. 

26. I promise to appreciate the life that I have. My life may not be perfect, but I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and I am blessed in so many ways. 

27. I promise to make a difference in the world. In a world filled with broken dreams, I dare to dream big. When the world is filled with anger, I dare to be kind. In a world filled with hate, I dare to love. I’ll make an everlasting, positive impression in others’ lives. 

28. I promise to remember that I can’t control everything. I don’t have control over other people, and I can’t prevent bad things from happening. 

29. I promise to accept all my flaws and imperfections because we’re all imperfect. I may not have the perfect body shape or the prettiest face, but my imperfections help me value my unique self. 

30. I promise to turn all my worries and anxieties to God because I never know what lies ahead. I’ll never know why I struggle or what lies ahead, but I’ll give all my worries to God and fulfill my promises to entrust Him with my life and future. 

This year, I look forward to fulfilling the promises I made to myself. I hope that you can use these promises to build a fulfilling life, too.

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