A Toast To Your Favorite Going Out Girls

Cheers to you, my going out girls. Thank you for always being down for a night out. Cheers to you girls for being my Friday and Saturday night plans and the reason for my Sunday morning hangovers.

Maybe you know these girls, maybe you are this girl, but you know whom I’m talking about. This is for the girls who are nothing more than your going out friends. You live separate lives outside the bar, usually with some mutual friends and exes. These are the girls who encourage you to take another shot and wear your little black dress. These are the girls who hold your hair back while you puke in the bar bathroom, but then rally for you to come back to the dance floor.

These are the girls who probably know your deepest darkest secrets, but will never tell a soul because you know all of theirs. Sometimes we take the going out girls for granted. We brush them aside and only give them our attention on the weekend. They deserve more than our drunk texts.

So, to my going out girls, thank you. Thank you for always boosting my confidence with your slurred compliments. Thank you for always letting me borrow your clothes and touching up my drunken cried-off makeup in whatever dimly lit bathroom we find ourselves in.

Thank you for always getting me home safe when I can barely see my own two feet.

To the going out girls, you are special even if our sober conversations are only about our plans for the weekend. You’ve seen me at my worst and still have my back. Who else will wipe away my tequila tears when I fight with my ex at the bar?

The going out girls are always misunderstood. People see them only as the girls who constantly have a red cup in their hands. They are more than that.

Going out girls deserve all the love in the world.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at them, but the going out girls are filled with self-doubt, insecurities, and hurt. They are the ones with broken hearts, drinking away the pain in the hopes to feel anything other than the rejection and past scars.

Don’t judge the going out girls because their Instagram profiles are filled with bar pictures. They feel, they hurt, and they are healing. They want to have a good time, dance away their worries but also are secretly hoping to find what they’re looking for at the bottom of their drinks.

The going out girls are always holding on to something; they are always holding out for someone. They never spill a secret even after a couple of shots. They speak the truth more genuinely than most people know how to.

So, cheers to you, my going out girls. I appreciate you more than you know. You lift me up when I’m feeling down and never take no for an answer. You make me feel invincible when all I want to do is feel invisible. Thank you for the craziest nights of my life. Thank you for wiping away my drunken tears and talking me out of my drunk texts. Thank you for loving drunk me.

Cheers, going out girls. Thank you for being you.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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