He’s An A$$hole, But You’ll Never Get Over Him For These Reasons

We’ve all dated that one guy that was totally a grade-A assh*le. You remember him…he’s the one your friends warned you against. They told you he was bad news, but you didn’t listen to them, because it’s your life after all. They probably don’t really know anything about him anyway, right? They’ve just heard rumors.

Of course, they were right. He was terrible. He was an assh*le. And that two-month relationship was pretty shitty. But despite everything he did to be a complete and utter ass-face, you just can’t seem to get him off your mind.

Here are five reasons why you might still be stuck on him:

1. You know that it was just a mask.

The way he acts for the general public is just a front that he uses to avoid getting hurt and looking vulnerable. You however, have seen the good in him. You’ve seen him help out that friend who drank a little bit too much and needed an extra hand making it back to his apartment. And you know he did it when no one else was watching so that he could keep up the tough guy reputation that the world around him gave him. But, you know the real him.

2. He was honest.

Sometimes his honesty was the worst thing in the world. It was a large part of why you (and everyone around him) considered him an assh*le, he would say whatever he wanted, even if it offends everyone in the room. But it also meant he wasn’t going to lie to you. He wasn’t going to say something just to make you feel better, so when he told you how beautiful you looked in his sweatshirt you knew he really meant it. And you miss someone who you could rely on to always tell you the truth even when the truth hurt.

3. You knew what to expect from him.

Yeah, he was a major pain in the butt and had more issues than you could count, but at least he was consistent. You could predict what he wanted or what he was going to do fairly easily. You always knew that there was a high likelihood that he would be drunk texting you on Thursday and want you to go to a frat party on Friday night.

4. He was manipulative. 

You have to admit that he was hella charming and smooth. All the things a real prince is made of. He knew what he was doing and how to get you intoxicated by his presence. He had the right lines and knew just when to say them. He knew that if he played his card just right he would do the minimum amount of work and still end up with you just where he wanted you to be.

5. He wouldn’t let you be the bad guy.

He already accepted his status as an assho*le. So, when it all came crashing down, you knew you wouldn’t have to be the one to pull the plug and watch the expression on his face as he realized that it was over between the two of you. He would do it so that you could go off and be mad at him instead of yourself. He would do it so that your mutual friends would side with you and they could hate him since he was just the asshole that hurt you.

The world is full of guys like him. You are going to meet more than one assh*le in your life and you are definitely going to date more than one in your life. So, if you know that why does this one guy matter so much?

The truth is, he really doesn’t matter AT ALL. If you think about it logically, he’s just another guy. You should be able to move on with your life and not think about everything that went down between you two. The problem with moving on is that you will no longer be his girl when you do. And he can’t be yours. You just have to accept that he’s no longer your problem. He is the new girl’s problem to try and solve without getting hurt.

Featured image via Up-Free on Pixabay


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