5 Self-Defense Workouts Every Woman Should Try Today

Unfortunately, thousands of women survive acts of violence annually. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to know how to stand up for yourself, chase off your attacker, and avoid injury. Here are five exercises that also aid in self-defense.

1. Join a Krav Maga club.

If you know anything about martial arts and self-defense, you’ve probably heard of Krav Maga. Israeli Defense Forces uses this hand-to-hand combat method, which is one of the most effective defense systems in the world. Krav Maga mostly involves self-defense techniques, but it will exercise your strength, endurance, and flexibility, too. In general, Krav Maga teaches women how to defend themselves and also helps them stay fit. Classes are typically  fun and full of amazing people!

2. Pump some iron.

If you don’t want to join a self-defense class, enhance your physical strength so you can put up a good fight against potential attackers. Strength training boosts your muscular power. Plus, after you learn to lift 200-pound objects, you’ll have no issues pushing away intruders! Plus, your lean, sexy layer of muscles will act as natural armor. If you hate the gym, you can purchase weightlifting equipment to use at  home. The benefits of Incline benches include improved strength and reduced back pain, so grab a bench for your home gym! Combine benching with a few free weights and you’ll become a more difficult target in no time.

3. Hit the pavement.

In some dangerous situations, flight is your best defense. If you’re fast and have plenty of stamina, your attacker might give up after just a few steps. The key to building running stamina is consistency. Regular cardio workouts will boost your distance running. On the other hand, if speed and endurance are your weak points, you can try interval training or incline running.  What’s more, you can run almost anywhere as long as you own a good pair of shoes.

4. Practice your coordination and balance.

If you want to avoid falling during an attack, improve your coordination and balance. Exercises like lunges, planks, and leg lifts will not only improve your coordination but they will boost your core strength, too. Skating does wonders for your legs and helps you improve your balance. Single-leg deadlifts are also great for your legs and core.If you want to boost your upper body, try one-leg shoulder presses. 

5. Learn some prop moves.

When you’re under attack, you need to thank and act quickly in order to get away. Knowing which items you can use for defense and how they can come in handy can be the difference between life and death! Keys will become your best friend since they can stab, scratch, and hit (if you connect them to a lanyard). Additionally, your umbrella can transform into a club, and a scarf can provide a quick distraction. After you learn a few moves with props, practice them at least a few times per week. Practice will help you feel prepared if you ever need to use prop moves on an assailant.

Incorporate these moves, exercises, and workouts into your fitness regime today. You’ll not only look better than ever, but you’ll also feel so much safer in your own skin! 

Featured Photo by John Arano on Unsplash.



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