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Up until now, no one had gone into the specifics of researching sexual pleasure in women, but OMGYes has changed the game entirely. This is the first large-scale research website exploring the specifics of women’s pleasure. If you’re interested in learning about what you/your partner are looking for in terms of enjoyment, this website is the place to be. Essentially, the website is for anyone who cares about women’s pleasure and wants to learn more!

Combining the knowledge, experience and wisdom from over 2,000 ladies aged 18-95, including women from all backgrounds, demographics, and sexual identities, OMGYes has research available about just about any woman’s pleasure preferences. The categories OmgYes features on the site include: edging, hinting, consistency, surprise, rhythm, multiples, accenting, framing, staging, layering, orbiting, and signaling. These topics may sound like a bird’s mating dance, but they all have the common goal of improving female pleasure.

The site collected its research from over 1,000 personal interviews with women. They have also partnered with Indiana University’s School of Public Health and The Kinsey Institute, to conduct the ground-breaking women’s pleasure study. Based on the research, the study team had this to say about the website’s creation, “What we found was that there are shared insights and techniques that enhance pleasure for the vast majority of women. We made OMGYes to get these insights to the world in a way that’s personal and practical.”

There are important reminders throughout the site that it is not an app, but it features informational videos and a new “touchable” video feature. Some of the informational videos may include demonstrations of pleasurable techniques that work for some women and how they discovered these secrets. The touchable videos are perhaps the most unique feature and one of the most important. You’re able to put the things you learn into practice, learn through trial and error, and get feedback. The site offers a free preview to new users so they can understand a bit of the experience before purchasing.

OMGYes accepts one time early bird priced payments of $29 US through credit card or Paypal, and even offers a gifting option if you’d like to share with a friend or partner. The first package features twelve informational episodes with tips and tricks viewers can try for themselves, a breakdown of the specific ways women find and enhance pleasure, 50 short videos, and 11 touchable videos.

Thanks to the help of 2,000 women, OMGYes is enhancing the way women find what they like and take control of their sexual experiences all on a private and secure website. Without having to download any risky videos, the browser-only website can help encourage men and women to understand how sex can really be enjoyable for women. Couples can truly find pleasure in learning how to open up about the possibility of women enjoying sex as much as men typically do. OMGYes can teach you new things you’d never thought of before, and even offers language translation for anyone around the world. So what are you waiting for?

Featured image via David Bares on Pexels


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