5 Secret Fashion Tips You Won’t Find In Any Magazine This Fall

Just in case you didn’t already know, it is now officially September and you know what that means? Autumn. The leaves will change colors and bonfires will be expected. The most important change that comes with Autumn? New fall trends. I’ve already seen all the major magazines putting out their Fall 2015 trend guides. Turning the pages, all you see is high-waisted bottoms and over-the-knee boots.

For all you fashionistas out there, upon hunting down the newest trends for the upcoming season, did you ever stop to think, “What if they are missing something?” I know it’s unimaginable to think that a top magazine distributor could have missed a trend, but what if they overlooked some of the best ones simply because they are looking so closely at clothes?

Here’s a list of trends that I thought the magazines skipped over:

  1. Being your own kind of beautiful. You will never look like Blake Lively or Taylor Swift, no matter how hard you try. You can’t will yourself to be someone that you’re not. And I think we, as a generation, have begun to accept that, and it’s making us more beautiful than any product ever could.
  1. Wearing a little bit less makeup. Less is more, Not only will wearing less makeup cause the makeup you have to last longer and save you money (who doesn’t want to save some cash), it will let your natural beauty shine through more. I think one of the best things about our generation. We have a high value for natural beauty. Just look around at all the celebs that are posting make-up-less selfies.
  1. Give yourself compliments. When you’re having a great hair day, admit it. Don’t wait around for that guy in your Environmental Studies to notice because odds are, he won’t. Stop giving other people the power to define how you feel about yourself. Take control of your own life and learn to love yourself, by yourself.
  1. Dress in the clothes YOU like. I have some great news; comfy flowy clothes are in. Know why I love long flowing dresses? Because it’s the same as not wearing any pants whatsoever with the added bonus of not exposing your butt to the world. It’s also perfectly acceptable to wear yoga pants to class every day. The point is, don’t wear that sweatshirt that says Kale just because Beyoncé did. Wear it because it’s comfy and because YOU think it’s cute.
  1. Being real. Emma Roberts’s new campaign with Aerie is actually called AerieREAL. All of her images are unretouched which basically means they aren’t overly photoshopped. We are living in a world where being Photoshop fake is going out of style and showing off your natural beauty is totally on the way in. Embrace it!

So there you go. Everything I think those top brand magazines should be highlighting this fall alongside all the crop tops. What? Were you looking for more tips on how to get cheap high-waisted shorts?  Sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for, but maybe it was what you needed to hear. Maybe you needed someone to tell you that life isn’t all about who or what’s in or out. If so I’m happy I could help.

Featured image via Andriana on Pexels



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