6 Reasons It’s Okay To Be Cut Throat With Toxic Friendships

Letting go of a relationship is always hard, it’s even harder to let go of a friendship. We tend to forget about all the negativity that a person brings to our lives and we find ourselves reminiscing on the good times no matter how far ago those memories may be. We are a generation that claims to be strong-willed and indifferent about life but the truth is – the end of a relationship is always hard. However, there are some situations where it is necessary to simply cut people out of your life.

People drift apart from one another and sometimes, people just stop getting along like they used to. There will always be people who you will not get along with and that’s fine – what is important is that while you may not like them, respect them by not belittling them and hope that they have enough integrity to do the same.

Below are 6 reasons why it’s okay to cut people out of your life:

  1. Simply Put – They Are Toxic
    You wouldn’t want to cut a person out of your life for being too good of a friend. Chances are – they’ve probably done you wrong in some way and honestly, why do you bother putting up with toxic people in your life? Try to remind yourself that people can and do make mistakes, but if it’s deeper than that just let them go.
  2. You Shouldn’t Have To Censor Yourself With Them
    Why would you want someone in your life who constantly belittles you? A real friend is someone who you should be able to turn to no matter what without fear of feeling stupid. If you’re constantly walking on eggshells to maintain a casual conversation, maybe it’s time to remove them from your life.
  3. They Use You For Their Own Benefit
    This can be from only talking to you when they need something but being unable when it’s the other way around or tearing down your confidence to make themselves feel better. You are not a punching bag and it is not your responsibility to serve a friend. Keep in mind that some people use you in ways you may not expect: only showing up to get wasted with you on your birthday, only calling you about concert tickets, etc. If they only call about what interests them, don’t bother.
  4. You Need Friends You Can Trust
    Why bother being friends with someone you can’t trust? That trust may have vanished or it was never there to begin with. If you don’t trust them, what can you two even talk about other than superficial things.
  5. They Won’t Put In The Effort
    Friendship is a two-way street and there is no point of fighting for a friendship simply due to nostalgia or a sense of loyalty if they are not willing to do the same. If they are not willing to meet you halfway, it tells you where you lie on their scale of importance.
  6. You Don’t Care About The Friendship
    As bitchy as this sounds, it is okay to stop caring about a friendship and wanting to let it all go. Maybe the two of you were only friends because it was convenient or you felt forced to or maybe it’s a superficial friendship with no substance in it. Whatever it is, do not feel obligated to stay friends with someone if you could care less.

If you thought of anyone while reading this article, it’s time to say bye bye bye. Mustering up the courage may be tough, but it’ll be worth it when you’re left surrounded by only wonderful positive people. We are a generation that has started to care so much about being sensitive and nice that we sometimes let ourselves be walked over simply in order to please another individual. There is a clear difference between a nice and being taken advantage of. Life is too short to please others and to feel stuck in a situation that can be changed. While it might suck or cause some hard feelings, it is okay to cut people out of your life.

Featured Image via Neill Kumar.


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