5 Things Professors Need To Understand About College Students

Professors can truly make or break any class. If they have a heart and a sense of humor, it’s usually going to be a good couple of months. But we all have had those handful of classes throughout our college career that makes us cringe. You know, the ones that make even the most basic subject matter seem like a graduate level course. Professors, I have a few words of advice to get your ratings up on ratemyprofessor.com:

  1. Stop with the abundance of reading assignments

Most of us are taking more than one class. While an easy A would be wonderful, I know I have to complete some work. Asking for a paper every now and then, or having a couple tests is cool. But reading chapter after chapter only to have a class discussion for 5 minutes is a waste of my time. Know your status. If it’s a 100 level course, please know I won’t be completing the readings. Sparknotes and Google will have to do.

  1. I have a social life and/or job

Imagine going to school full-time, working a part-time job with full-time hours and bullsh*t, and attempting to have a social life. Now, imagine doing all of that with the aforementioned piles of reading. Thanks, but no thanks. I have to pay for all of the textbooks you assigned somehow. I also didn’t just come to college to learn (yes, college is also for the social experiences, Professor assigns-a-lot). Campus events and nice weather will take precedence over your class. Can’t blame a girl for wanting to get her tan on.

  1. I’m probably taking your class to fulfill a requirement

While I’m being upfront, let me tell you how I’m not digging myself into debt oblivion to take your class for fun. Yeah, some college courses are actually enjoyable. Those are the ones you get lucky with. Others, not so much. You can bet your bottom dollar (sorry, I have no dollars to bet because I spent all of them on textbooks I’ll never open but are *required) that I need this class to get my degree.

  1. Let’s work as a team

It’s quite simple. I want to pass and you want your students to leave a good review. You also want to keep your job. I know we all have to put in the work to be rewarded. If I show you I give a sh*t about your class, can’t you show me you give a sh*t about me passing? No need to be cold-hearted. Lighten up. Believe it or not, I actually do want to learn something while in college.

  1. TEACH, Teach.

I really don’t want to have to read the textbook on my own, only to come to class to have you outline it on a PowerPoint slide at 8 am VERBATIM. Use examples, get passionate, and teach us something valuable. You got into this profession for a reason, right?

We’ve all encountered a ton of professors who are all over the teaching spectrum. After four years at three different colleges, I’m still admittedly earning my degree. But with the Fall semester approaching quickly, I hope our professors remember that we all are in this together. Look up the Sparknotes version when you can and get good grades. No one likes an overachieving student who skews the curve of the grades. Save that mentality for the corporate world.

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  1. This list is so accurate it hurts. I know the full time student and full time employee struggle well. I went to ASU also! Go Sun Devils haha! 😀

  2. This post is insanely relatable 🙂 Especially about teaching the materials in an interesting way…its the least they can do. How much do we pay them to teach a class properly?! A shit ton!

  3. You are all a bunch of lazy SOB’s looking for the easy way out. Reality will hit all of you when (and if) you ever get real jobs.


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