5 Best & Worst Subscription Boxes That You Should Know About

Subscription boxes are extremely popular these days. From makeup products to items for pampering your pet, there’s literally a box for anything you could ever want. But are the boxes worth the monthly subscription fees? We’ve gathered a list of five boxes that are and five that aren’t.


Verdict: Worth It


Beauty blogs and YouTube videos have really taken the internet by storm. Watching these women and reading about their best tips leaves us all longing to try out more products more often. Thankfully, you can get new products straight to your door with subscription boxes like ipsy! With this box, you get five fresh, exciting products to try each month, plus access to great hacks from ipsy’s website. If you love trying out new beauty products, then ipsy might be the subscription box for you!

Blue Apron

Verdict: Not Worth It

With so many meal subscription boxes on the market, dumping funds into confusing, labor-intensive boxes like Blue Apron just isn’t worth it. For the same price, you could just use a grocery delivery company or a restaurant delivery service like UberEats.


Verdict: Worth It


Los Angeles-based EarFleek puts the fun back into earrings. With two tiers of subscriptions and a variety of styles for each, you carefully select earrings that will work for your style. Then, you just wait for your new pair to show up each month. From fun and flirty to chic and stylish, you’ll love celebrating your ears and the compliments you’ll get thanks to EarFleek’s monthly deliveries.

Box of Goth

Verdict: Not Worth It


For those who love all things black and brooding, this sounds like the perfect box, right? Maybe not. Many of the items seem somewhat gimmicky and not practical. You could definitely find better boxes for the money, especially considering this one comes from the UK and adds extra fees.

Daily Harvest

Verdict: Worth It


Be honest, are you really getting your daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables? Luckily, Daily Harvest helps you eat more of those two food groups (it’s literally their motto). Best known for their smoothie delivery service, Daily Harvest is where it’s at for health-conscious millennials who don’t have time to do all the hard work. With options of smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, lattes, and oats, you’ll find something to feed your fancy and fuel your body.

Bark Box

Verdict: Not Worth It

Bark Box seems like a wonderful idea for all the millennials out there who are pampering their dogs. And that’s exactly what the company wants you to do: spend way too much money on dog treats. Once you add up the monthly fees, you’re spending nearly $400 on items for your dog. You could spend probably half of that by just buying some treats and toys at the store on your own.


Verdict: Worth It


Freshly subscriptions not only make eating healthy possible but easy as well. The company boasts that all their meals are all-natural, gluten-free, and packed with protein. You get to select how many meals per week you receive, and they even break down the cost per meal for you based on the subscription you select. What’s more is that they accommodate many dietary preferences or restrictions. Finally, these meals come fully prepared, so all you’re left to tackle is heating up and eating! If you’re looking for a meal subscription that’s great for singles, this is hands down one of the best. 


Verdict: Not Worth It

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Ads for this box are all over social media, which makes subscribing very tempting. However, this subscription service receives very mixed reviews across the internet. Although coming up with creative date night ideas can feel daunting, adding this box to your monthly bills may not actually enhance quality time with your partner.


Verdict: Worth It


For those of us who love wine (wait, isn’t that all of us?), Winc helps you escape with new tastes. To start, you create a free profile and take their palate quiz. Once they determine what wines would be best for you, they send a box of bottles that fit your preferences. Starting at $13 per bottle, this is a great investment for those who may spend too much of their free time at the liquor store.

Retro Game Treasure

Verdict: Not Worth It

Who doesn’t want to relive the glory days of video games we grew up playing? Unfortunately, Retro Game Treasure doesn’t work as well as it sounds in theory. The cost of many of the included games doesn’t even come close to equaling the cost you sink into the subscription. You’re better off looking for an arcade to get your retro on.

Obviously, there are many more boxes on the market. Which ones are your favorites? Which ones do you hate? Share with us in the comments!

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