Why Everyone Needs A Leo In Their Life

July 23rd to August 22nd marks the season of the fiery Leo. As lions of the Zodiac world, these feisty guys and gals are known to be bold, strong, romantic, and bravehearted. If you’re close with a Leo, never let them go because they’re unparalleled positive thinking and loyalty will always be there for you. Here’s 3 reasons why Leos are hot hot hot:

They Make Bold Lovers

Leos are positive thinkers. They won’t overreact when an argument arises, and they’ll always look for a compromise. They’re opinionated and always ready to debate but with a gentler side, Leos know never to take any disagreement too far. They’re loyal, have strong morals, and their decisive nature means they know what they want. Leos are playful and romantic, they’re bold lovers and aren’t afraid to get a little kinky or try new things. With personal goals, they won’t cloud your dreams and they won’t let you interfere with theirs either. This fire sign has a huge heart and wears it on their sleeve, they’ll give you all that they have to offer.

They Make Fierce Friends

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and loyal support system, you can count on a Leo. Both strong and brave, a Leo will always put your problems first. They’re optimistic and seem to radiate positive energy into those around them. Always the center of attention and the life of the party, Leos know how to bring a good time. This BFF will never back down to a dare, and is bound to create countless “I can’t believe you did that” memories. Spontaneous and bold, they bring good vibes everywhere they go.

They Make Brave Role Models

Confidence, independence, and ambition are what make Leos so regal, but honor, kindness, and generosity are what keep them grounded. They are leaders, and always watching over the people close to them. A Leo is someone to look up to, and someone who walks through life as if they’re on a runway. They love who they are, and promote positive self-esteem in all situations. A Leo will never sit back and watch bad things happen, they’re fighters and advocates. They stand up for what they believe in and have a feisty motivation toward anyone who tells them they won’t succeed. Along with fellow celebrity Leos Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, and Mila Kunis, an inspiring role model who has touched millions, Demi Lovato proves this to be true.

Impossible to miss, and hard to let go, Leos are the kind of friends, lovers and role models you should be grateful to have in your life. Spending time with a Leo isn’t only fun for them, but their positive energy radiates from their fingertips, making it a fun time for everyone. Truly the kings and queens of the Zodiac with their boundless enthusiasm, and ability to be their authentic selves in a world full of posers, this fire sign is almost too hot to handle.

Featured image via Roberto Nickson on Pexels


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