9 Home Decor Trends That You Will Be Tempted To Try

It’s comforting and exciting to shop for home decor. Whether it’s having your Amazon cart full of the exact products you want or aimlessly walking through Winners and allowing the shelves to throw things your way, it’s soothing. And while everyone has a unique interior design style, many trends are dominating in home decor in 2021. 

Fluted Accent Pieces

No, it’s not a musical instrument. Fluting is an insanely common trend you’ve probably seen all over Instagram. It looks like a group of thin cylinders placed next to each other. It’s commonly used on side tables, credenzas, candles, or glassware. It’s simple, modern, and very fresh because they provide texture but are not loud. 

Rattan Furniture

Like fluted accent pieces, rattan is all over the internet, especially for minimal or boho styles. Typically, rattan pieces have intricate weaves (like a wicker chair) and are traditionally in different shades of brown. This old-school style has made a huge comeback and has become a staple for many millennial homes because of its trendiness and freshness.

DIY Artwork

Art will always be in style. But with the common trends of supporting small businesses booming, many millennials are sporting handmade art pieces. And what’s cool about it is that wherever you get them from, they’re all unique, so no one will have a replica of what you own — which is totally cool these days.

House Plants

You didn’t think this wouldn’t make the list, did you? House plants are a thriving trend. Whether it’s a succulent or a mini vegetable garden, everybody is becoming a plant parent these days. 

Striped or Checkered Patterns

Remember when chevron was the“in” thing? I know. How cheugy of us for being so obsessed! Well, now it’s all about stripes and squares. They could be splayed on throw blankets, cushions, or entire couches. It’s that slight pop of color and very mild pattern that attracts the eye. 

Colored Glassware

Remember being a kid and buying cups with cartoon characters on them? They essentially became household staples because of their uniqueness.  Well, now we get a taste of this unique glassware trend with many more colorful options.

Unexpected Lighting

The days of having an elaborate chandelier or decorative lamp are gone. The current trend is unexpected lighting. String lights, neon signs, and orb table lights are all in style. Basically, if it doesn’t look like a lamp but provides light, it’s in style. 

Comfy Outdoor Spaces

At this point, it doesn’t matter if you have a picket white fence or a tiny balcony. All you have to do is decorate that space with a couple of small chairs, some decorative pillows, a patterned rug, and a couple of plants. Your outdoor space will become an oasis that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Blue Cupboards

White is still the most common color for cupboards. However, a dark navy blue is making its way to popularity these days. If you’re looking to achieve this look, you don’t need to go out and buy a new bathroom vanity or pay to get a new kitchen island installed. Simply buy some paint from your local store and paint whichever cupboards you want, and make sure to add a safety coat on top at the end. It’s such a simple way to achieve an “I just bought it” look, and it also saves you loads of money. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic DIY project.

As millennials, we know that you can use every space to its maximum capacity, and we can envision its potential almost immediately. So whether you’re looking for a smaller item to help spruce up your bathroom or an accent piece to give your room a breath of fresh air, take a look at your favorite stores and let your imagination go wild. Which home decor trends are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via Nicole Michalou on Pexels


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