5 Ways To Make A Strong Comeback And Make This Your Year


Many of us swore that 2020 was going to be “our year” but nobody could have imagined the loss, hurt, and struggle that this past year brought. But if you’re looking for a year of healing, plan to reclaim 2021. After all, our comebacks are always greater than our setbacks. Here are five ways you can comeback in 2021 and make this year your best year yet:

1. Stop taking “no” for an answer.

When you face setbacks, always push for more, challenge yourself to break the barriers that life confronts you with. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve what you want, and on your way to the top, shatter all of the glass ceilings you face! 

2. Start each day with an intention.

Mindset work is a huge part of staying focused, and it’s something that you should work on every day. This year, set intentions for each day, journal, or come up with some positive affirmations. Setting intentions every day will give you so much clarity and peace of mind in the new year. 

3. Manifest good vibes.

Bad vibes are so 2020, so don’t let them follow you into the new year! Speaking positive thoughts into existence is a game-changer. It can set the tone for your day or even your week. So don’t be a Negative Nancy, and instead, choose to sprinkle some positivity into your 2021!

4. Stop apologizing for doing what’s best for yourself. 

Do you live for others or worry what they might think of your decisions? If you do, you should end your people-pleasing attitude in 2021. This year, don’t apologize for doing what’s best for yourself.  It’ll make you so much happier! 

5. Unplug from the world. 

Lately, the world has been so heavy. The news we see on TV and on social media can all be extremely overwhelming. So this year, spend less time listening to media sources and more time being present. Unplugging from the world not only helps your mental state, but it’ll also help you appreciate your surroundings.

The aftermath of 2020 left many of us with low expectations for this new year, but you can make this year anything that you want it to be. Protect your peace, let go of the things that you can’t control, and live as your true, authentic self in 2021. If you do, you’re sure to have your best year yet! 

Feature Image by Tyler Nix on Unsplash



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