5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A New Relationship

When you’re single, the thought of a relationship is alluring and exciting. Being able to find that one person who is your support system, your best friend, your everything, is something that everyone wants to find in their lifetime. Each and every one of us desires our own perfect relationship. You find the right guy (or girl), connect with each other, start to date, and everything seems to be going smoothly. If you connect with one another, then what’s to worry about? It’s so easy to become blind to what lies beneath commitment.

I can personally tell you that relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies. Here are 5 very real truths about relationships.

1. It takes work

Relationships take work, and it’s not always easy. You only get out of it what you put in, and that goes for both sides. You both have to learn to balance what each other’s wants and needs are. From what you say and how you say it, to your actions, behavior, and demeanor, pretty much everything can affect your relationship.

2. You don’t agree on everything

Once the reality of being in a relationship sets in, there are going to be things you both may not always agree on. One person may want or say something that the other doesn’t like; it’s okay, it happens. It’s impossible for both of you to agree on the same thing all the time. Just remember to be respectful of each other opinions.

3. Speak up, or you’ll resent each other

It’s so important to speak up if something is bothering you, and not just expect the other to know. Don’t just silently push it away; that can eventually cause more damage or seriously hurt you both in the long run. No one wants to end up resenting each other, or pushing the other away to the point where you break up. Explaining how you feel and resolving it right there and then will allow you both to move on and be happy.

4. It’s challenging

At times, a relationship can become overwhelming and even difficult. Any couple will face challenges that they have to overcome; it’s inevitable. There are going to be times when you feel like you can’t get your point across and feel disconnected from each other. Both of you must face whatever challenges come your way together, not against each other.

5. You have to work together to solve issues

How you overcome issues together is what matters. If you disagree on something or end up in an argument, you have to learn take a step back and look at the entire picture. You can’t just assume you’re always right and they’re wrong. It’s not only important to listen and understand where your significant other is coming from, but also to make how you’re feeling gets across too. You are both in this together, and nothing can resolve without both making an effort.

A relationship also means you have someone who is there for you and loves you unconditionally. Yes, there are going to be numerous times where you both may not agree on something, or times where you do things that the other wants and you don’t, but that’s part of what a relationship entails. It can be tough at times, but working through it with someone who you truly love and care about makes it more worthwhile. A loving and healthy relationship can make you and your partner the best version of yourselves. Relationships are never always easy, but if it’s with someone you love and want to be with, then it’s worth it.

Featured image via Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash


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