These Miracle Panties Mean You Will Never Need A Tampon Again

All right, girls, let’s get real for a minute.

It’s that time of the month again. Cue the cramps. For that miserable week out of the month, we don’t need any more reasons to feel gross. I usually spend the time outside of work laying on my couch or bed, heating pad on my stomach, a bottle of Midol ready, and re-runs of the Bachelorette playing. Any girl knows that a cute pair of underwear does WONDERS to your confidence level, making you feel instantly sexy and ready to do things. So that week when I pull out my granny panties, it just makes my mood and confidence levels even lower.

The amount of times that I’ve woken up with bloody underwear (ew), or lost track of when my period will start to find a very unpleasant surprise, is too many to count. Or you think your period is over, and with a smile on your face, you don’t pack tampons when you head to work that day, only to find that it WASN’T over.

I know I’m not the only one who has a handful of designated “granny panties” that I begrudgingly wear one week out of the month, because I don’t want to ruin my Victoria’s Secret pairs.


But hold up. There’s a new company called THINX that makes underwear designed for when you’re on your period. They’re manufactured in a family-run factory in Sri Lanka, and each pair is designed with four layers that absorb every bit of blood, and it fights bacteria, so you’re not going to feel gross and nasty, feeling like you’re without coverage.

AND, they’re cute.


They come in three different styles, each one promising a different level of coverage. The thong is for your lightest days, promising to hold half the amount of blood as a tampon would. So, wear this one on your last day, when you’re not really sure if it’s over or not. Next is the cheeky, which holds up to one tampon’s worth of the red, and then the hiphugger, holding up to TWO tampons’ worth.

You won’t soil your sheets, your pants, or really, anything else.

Obviously, they’re going to cost a little more than your normal 5 for $27. It is $24-$34 a pair, which lasts about 2 years, but this cuts down on your cost of feminine products, making it over-all cheaper, and less of a hassle.

But it gets better.

If you weren’t already convinced of how great THINX is, listen to this: for every pair of underwear that you purchase, they fund the production of 7 washable and reusable cloth pads for women and girls in the developing world (via AFRIpad), who otherwise don’t have ANYTHING. There are some girls who have to skip school for a week every month, because otherwise they’ll make a bloody mess (pun intended) of themselves.

Not only are these miracle panties, they are for an AMAZING cause. Plus, they have rave reviews; ladies are saying they work wonders.

Join me in throwing out your stained granny panties and embracing the sexy black THINX underwear. Help a girl (or 7) out.

There are plenty of awesome brands out that there that sell period panties. Knixteen, for example, is a great Thinx alternative. Plus, they design menstrual underwear specifically for teens. Neat, right!

Images via Giphy (1) & THINX (3).


  1. Menstrual panties typically have built-in absorbent layers designed to capture menstrual flow. However, the level of absorbency may vary depending on the brand and design. For some individuals with lighter periods, menstrual panties alone may be sufficient. Still, for others with heavier flows, additional protection such as pads or tampons may be necessary.


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