From Dating To Dinosaurs: 6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Ross Geller

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Friends, you probably know who Ross Geller is. Maybe you grew up watching the show, or maybe it was a more recent Netflix discovery (can we still just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Friends is on Netflix? Great). Either way, I’m willing to bet you’ve spent a good amount of time with Mr. Ross Geller. Here are just a few of the important lessons that we can learn from our favorite paleontologist.

1. Being trendy can be very dicey.

Spray tans, leather pants, and whitening your teeth may all seem like great ideas but are quite tricky in their execution.


Learn from Ross’s mistakes before you make your own.

2. Stick to your guns…but sometimes you should probably just suck it up and pay the delivery fee.

Especially when the item in question is a couch and you live on an upper floor of an NYC apartment.


3. It’s okay to be a nerd and be passionate about the things you’re interested in.

Dinosaurs are cool.


Grammar is important.

grammar. gif

It doesn’t matter what anyone says: you do you.


4. When it comes to love, anything can happen.

Marriage is tricky, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. You might get divorced (maybe three times).


You might accidentally get married in Vegas.


Your heart will be broken, and you will break someone’s heart. But most importantly, true love does exist. It takes work and it takes time, but that person is out there.



Ross and Rachel forever. <3

5. Sometimes, it’s okay to overreact.

Maybe someone ate the sandwich you were so looking forward too.


Maybe you experienced a shampoo explosion or, even worse, a moisturizer explosion.


Whatever the occasion, sometimes you just have to react in a way that is not entirely appropriate – and that’s okay. Better luck next time.

6. Looking like a complete idiot in front of kids is not only acceptable, but sometimes totally necessary. 


Don’t be afraid to look like a fool to teach a kid about the holidays, or especially to get them to stop crying.

Ross Geller is a little nerdy, a little stubborn, and a lot awkward. But you know what? That’s exactly what makes him such a likable and relatable character.


Next time you find yourself binge watching Friends on a Saturday night (no shame), try to take a break from laughing to appreciate our good friend Ross in all his glory. See his stumbles, and learn from his mistakes. See, watching Friends is totally educational and a valuable way to spend your time!

Featured Image via screen grab from Friends.


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