We’ll Never Be Friends Again And That’s Okay

After everything we’ve been through, I want you to know that I wish you no ill will. I’ve grown up, and so have you. I know the person I want to be and who I want to become, and that surely isn’t someone who holds grudges or thinks the worst of you. We were best friends for years. Short of a couple of hours a week we saw each other pretty much everyday. You were my rock and my go to person when something amazing or bad happened in my life.

Although I forgive you, we can never be the best friends we once were again. We’ve both grown up and moved on, and unfortunately our paths will now be forever divided. After all the things you’ve said about me, and done to me behind my back, unfortunately there is no turning back now. I know you though I’d never find out, but words travel fast when you know lots of people. I know you weren’t fond of me dating an old friend, and you may have thought I was taking him away from you. Although you had your concerns, who I choose to date was my business, not yours. You ended up hurting us both.

I was always there for you. Whenever you were in a hard place I was always there to cheer you up, get you out of the house and bring you something to make you smile. What a huge smack in the face it was to find out how you really thought about me, and better yet, how you would tell everyone false truths about me that made me seem like a huge b*tch. I didn’t know my best friend could really think so little of me, or hate me that much. You sent me into depression. You really hurt my feelings.

I had to move on. I had to separate myself from all the negativity and focus on bettering myself and my life. I did a lot of soul-searching over the years, and although I thought I would stay mad forever, I realized that it does no good to keep my anger bottled up and constantly dwell on the past. I can’t change what happened. Neither can you. But maybe everything between us happened for a reason.

I know you had a lot going on, and so did I. You had your friends, and I had mine. With both of us engaged in our own problems and lives, we barely had the time to see the other’s side. Fighting turned into week-long battles and we’d go months without speaking. I know it’s not all entirely your fault, after all, there are two sides to every story.

I see that you’ve finally moved on, and seem quite happy in your life. That’s really all I ever wanted for you. Know that I’m doing great too. I am making my dreams come true, found the love of my life and going after what I want. I’m finally back in school, making new friends and finding myself. I’d hope that’s what you’d want for me.

We can’t be best friends again, and although it makes me sad, I am ok with it. It seems as though we both got almost everything we wanted in life, including each other’s happiness. We both are where we’re supposed to be, and maybe in some twisted way, our falling out got us to where we wanted. The rough times we went through because of each other made us stronger individuals and more clear-headed of what and who we want in our lives.

Again, I wish you no ill will, and I will always love you. If you need me I will always be there.

– Your Former Best Friend

Featured image via Felix Rostig on Unsplash


  1. How could you stoop so low as to date her friend she probably did hate you and I don’t blame her that’s the lowest thing a person could do now I don’t know you and I’m pretty sure we’ll never meet but the best thing for you to do would be to stay away from her guy friends I had a friend like you once well actually he was worse then that he dated a girl the lowest kind of girl ever she was lower then throw up or anything that goes into a toilet and I want to distroy her still to this day I find serious relationships to be evil instead of good my perception has changed a lot so gentlemen never get into a serious relationship or you will become the lowest form of person ever and girls you need to know you won’t be your mans number one priority or his best friend he will dump you he has friends and even if it’s wrong they will come between you without caring

  2. I haven’t seen or spoken with my former bestie for almost 5 years now, our ‘breakup’ hit me hard out of the blue and was almost like a bereavement and definitely gave a nudge into a depressive period of almost a year and a half. We had such good times together and I was overjoyed to see her get married that last summer we were friends. I still don’t know the true cause but I have an inkling as to why and I felt her slip away a few months before our falling out and non communication since. I also lost another close friend in the fall out which also pains me. I still think and miss my two closest friends, no one else has broken through that ‘best friend’ threshold in all this time and as I get older I know and understand that the likelihood of me developing a friendship like that is slim. I don’t think we could ever go back to how things were as now I feel so angry about the way I was treated and I would worry that my anger would take over and ruin any further interaction. Doesn’t stop me missing them both and I only have good hopes and wishes for their futures

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