10 Things An Independent Woman Chooses Over A Man

This one goes out to my independent ladies. The ones who know better than having their happiness depend on one guy. The ones who know their worth and will not accept anything less than amazing. At the end of the day, they are choosing themselves over any guy. Some people might not understand why a guy is not on the top of your priority list, but there are just some things in life that are more important. Here is a list of things an independent woman would choose over a guy any day.

  1. Scoring the perfect job – Thank God it’s not the 50s anymore! Woman can actually work for a living and support themselves. If you gave me a choice between my dream job and dream man, I am going to choose job every time.excited internet computer apple laptop
  2. Girls night – Of course it’s nice to go out on a date with a handsome guy, but there is so much pressure that comes with that. What do you wear and what do you say? Do you go home after the date or spend the night? The stress that comes with dating is the last thing you want for a relaxing night. Girl’s night with your squad is what you live for after a long week at work. Dancing, gossiping, and getting drunk with your girls is all you need for a good time.
  3. The perfect home – If you live in the city, you know how important location can be when looking for a place to live. You want something that is close to downtown, but also reasonably quiet, clean, and safe. However, finding that is one of the biggest struggles. If you can find a good location, and it’s safe and affordable (without having to sell your kidney), you’d be in seventh heaven.90s jumping bed home alone macaulay culkin
  4. Your degree – You didn’t study your pants off for no reason in college. You did it because you wanted the accomplishment and security of a good job. We take pride in this and like to show it off. Who needs a guy when you have a degree?cooper-barrett fox graduation congratulations congrats
  5.  Vacation – Life can be a living hell sometimes and a little get away is the only thing that can save you. I find that vacation truly helps me understand myself more. Especially when it’s a location I have never visited before. The adventure, the people, and the new environment is everything you need.
  6. Shopping – There are few things better than coming home with bags full of brand new clothes. There is a reason they call it retail therapy. Your new threads make you feel amazing, because when you look good, you feel good.paramountmovies film 90s mtv style clueless
  7. Mani/Pedi  I don’t know what it is about getting pampered, but every woman loves to treat herself to a good mani/pedi. You feel nice and relaxed and have cute fingers and toes to show off when you’re done! Getting a mani/pedi is simply one of the greatest pleasures in life. Also, when your nails are done you just feel like you have your shit together.nails katharine hepburn summertime david lean pedicure
  8. Working out – The ultimate stress reliever. Not only are you working your way to your dream body, but it feels good to kick off the stress you piled on during the week. There is just something special about feeling confident in your body that only working out can provide you with.football soccer uswnt america usa
  9.  A dog – Yes, this only applies to dogs because they are extremely loving and loyal (cats are too temperamental). They are always by your side, happy to see you, and are your best friends. The one companion you are excited to come home to.cheezburger animals cute puppy white
  10.  Your favorite bottle of wine – Yes, we all like wine, but I’m not talking the cheap stuff. I’m talking about that fancy shit you only splurge on when you really want to treat yo’ self. The one that just speaks to your soul that makes the worst days tolerable. The minute it hits your lips is pure bliss.margot robbie champagne the big short jacuzzi bubble bath

Sure, men are great, but there are so many drawbacks as well. Boyfriends can be unreliable, temperamental, and a roller coaster of emotions. For women who know their value without a man, it’s easy to pick these great pleasures in life rather than titles or unhealthy relationships. So ladies, if you know your worth, don’t worry about the haters. You’re too busy helping yourself to whatever you want.

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  1. Shopping, mani/pedi, a dog, and wine over a man? Choosing my amazing, loving boyfriend over these doesn’t make me dependent on him. This article started off being obvious and turned into being stupid.


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