Quirky Is The New Sexy: 5 Reasons To Date The ‘Nerdy Girl’

Remember that girl in high school that was always carrying a book around? No matter where she went she was always carrying a stupid book instead of a cellphone. She wore jeans and converse and made geeky Lord of the Rings references wherever possible. Remember after graduation when she somehow got a smoking hot boyfriend? No longer did she look geeky, but sexy and outgoing while still rocking those same old converse shoes? Are you saying, “Yeah, what the hell?!”

For you New Girl fans, Zooey Deschanel has officially declared quirky as sexy.

  1. We aren’t high maintenance.  We aren’t the kind of girls who always have time to obsess over our appearance. Yes, we still try to look cute. But being in a T-shirt and jeans never bothered us. We have more important things we like to obsess over, like doing some insane DIY project we saw on Pinterest or catching the latest Avengers movie.
  2. We appreciate your quirkiness. As the nerdy girl, we’ve spent a lifetime being the awkward person. We’re totally aware of our quirks and we’ve accepted them, just like we are accepting of yours. You can totally geek out over a movie you want to see, or speak passionately about something you wouldn’t normally mention on a date and we will always be interested.
  3. We can hang like one of the guys. Since nerdy girls tend to stand out from other women, that means we sometimes don’t always bond with them easily. Instead, we basically like all the same things that guys do – from football to beer,  to those so-called “dorky movies” where Batman kicks someone’s ass –making it easy to fit in with our boyfriend’s friend group.
  4. We probably know more about your favorite comic book than you do. One of the things that often defines a “geeky” girl is our love of comics. This means that we will always be up to see the newest superhero movie, and can hold our own ground on the debate between Batman vs. Spider-Man.
  5. We can live without you, but choose not to. Girls who are nerdy or awkward often go through life without tons of friends. That means we don’t always rely on others for validation. We’re passionate and have lots of ideas and we won’t be held back.

Geeky girls are making a comeback and it turns out, us quirky girls are a lot less nerdy and a lot more sexy, while still being totally nerdy. Nerds, don’t be ashamed of your weird hobbies and habits – embrace them.

Featured Image via Screen Grab From New Girl


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