9 Ladies Explain Why They Want To Be More Than Just Wifey Material

I’m not what you’d call ‘wifey material’. I don’t like to cook, I’m a terrible housekeeper, I have no real interest in having children and I don’t want to change my last name for anybody. I am nowhere near most people’s idea of a perfect wife, and I’m okay with that. There is so much more to life than making ourselves seem attractive to men, and being a housewife. Girls, we have our whole lives ahead of us that we need to make the most of – why waste it trying to make ourselves worthy of a ring?

I asked these ladies what they’d rather be than just “wifey material”:

Whether that’s just Human Material

‘I’d rather focus on being a good, considerate person. We should all really strive to be the best people we can, regardless of what gender we are and the stereotypical roles and responsibilities attached to them.’ – Aria, 20

…Best Friend Material

‘Wifey Material? I’d rather be a best friend. My best friend loves me the way I am, and I never have to prove anything to her. My friends will always come before dating, and being a friend is something I will always value.’ – Joanna, 22

‘Being a good friend! I am totally myself around my friends, and I love them more than anything in the world. They’d all give me a well-deserved slap if I tried changing myself to make myself more attractive to guys.’ – Charlie, 20

Independent Woman Material

‘Being an independent woman who isn’t defined by the worth of her husband is so much more important than being “Wifey Material”. A woman should never be defined by how good of a wife she is, let alone her marital status’ – Emily, 19

…Graduate Material

‘I’d rather be a college graduate than a wife. So many of my friends are getting engaged and married, and the single ones are thinking about how to portray themselves so they’ll get someone they can marry too. I’m going back to school, furthering myself, and doing things for me. I’m graduate material, I don’t care if I’m wife material.’ – Amber, 27

…Boss Material

‘I’d rather find a career that I love, find a way to be happy and support myself without anybody else – I’d rather think of what my colleagues and future employers would think, rather than think about what a partner would think of me’ – Emma, 19

‘I’m trying to start my own business, so I’m a busy lady. I’m straightforward and I don’t sugarcoat things;  which so many men don’t like about me. But I won’t ever change the way I am to tie a man down, I’d rather focus on my career and being the boss I know I can be!’ – Jamelia, 25

…Or most importantly just being ‘Me Material’

‘Me material. Loving what I do and doing what I love is happiness.’ – Heidi, 24

‘Simply put, I just want to be the best ‘Me Material’. All I want is to do things that feel right. Setting goals for myself and achieving them. Just being a good person. I make sandwiches for myself, not others; unless they ask nicely of course!’ – Elena, 20

There’s so many thing you could be, so go out there and find out what you’re capable of. Because let me tell you something; you’re already marriage material for somebody out there, you don’t need to change yourself to prove that. So focus on being you, on being a friend, on being a boss, on anything you want to be – just don’t measure your worth by your value to a man.

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