10 Ways To Be Kind On Random Acts Of Kindness Day


Every year on February 17th, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in the United States. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation introduced this special day in 1995, so we’ve celebrated kindness for a whopping 26 years! If you want to celebrate kindness today, here are 10 random acts of kindness for you to try:

1.Tuck a few dollars inside a library book. 

Whoever finds the money can use it for anything – a coffee, a snack, or another act of kindness. You can also leave a sticky note on the bills that reads “With love from a fellow reader.” It’ll definitely make that lucky library visitor happier! 

2. Send our troops a care package.

Our military heroes do so much for our country that they deserve a helping hand. Check out military.com or militaryonesource.mil for information on how you can send packages to deployed troops. The USPS also has a list of items to put in a military care package, so you won’t be short on ideas!  

3. Switch to Amazon Smile.

When you register for Amazon Smile, the site will donate ten percent of your purchases a charity of your choice. There are about 10,000 charities listed on Amazon Smile, so you have plenty of ways to help make others smile! 

4. Donate Paypal money.

Did you know that you can donate to all kinds of great causes when you pay with Paypal? When you make a purchase, you’ll seeOften when paying with an option at the bottom that allows you to donate a dollar to charity. Imagine how much we’d raise if we all donated today! 

5. Donate your birthday.

If your birthday is coming up, why not encourage others to donate to a special cause in your honor? Set up a donation link on your Facebook page and share your donation goal. Make sure to post about your organization and donation plan so that people will give. And of course, remember to chip in yourself! 

6. Write your grandparents a letter.

Show your grandparents how much you love them with a handwritten letter! Tell them how much they mean to you, and include any life lessons that they’ve taught you. They’ll love your sweet surprise! 

7. Donate your old clothes. 

Have a bunch of clothes that you no longer need? Share them with the people who need them the most! Just gather up your old clothes and take them to a Goodwill or Salvation Army drop box. 

8. “Accidentally” Drop your spare change near a vending machine.

You’ll make another snack-lover happy, and you may even inspire them to leave extra cash behind for someone else too!

9. Be kind to nature. 

Instead of driving around town to run errands, take a walk or ride your bike. Mother Nature will thank you!

10. Buy yourself flowers. 

Treat yourself to your favorite fresh flowers! Display them proudly in your home as a reminder that being kind to yourself matters too! 

Today, on Random Acts of Kindness Day, take a little time to show others how much you care. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to make the world more kind every day!

Featured Image by ATC Comm Photo from Pexels


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