Guys Reveal Their True Thoughts On Granny Panties Versus Thongs

With feminism being an emerging topic right now, anything women do is in the spotlight. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about granny panties coming back and being the hot new thing. While this may be true, boys opinions on some topics, like granny panties, are not being heard.

So I decided to fix this and see what boys think. I simply put the message “@boys: what do you think about granny panties VS. thongs?” in a group chat with twenty of my close guy and girlfriends from high school and these are some of the responses I got:

How is this even a debate… who the hell wears granny panties?” – Josh

He later followed that one up by sending the message, “I actually really like granny panties lol.”

Underwear lines are a deal breaker.” – Duncan

True, yoga pants don’t look nearly as good with panty lines.” – Joe

All I have is this image of my grandma in panties.” – Gabe

Sorry for being the catalyst to that image, Gabe. Get well soon.

I showed this picture to the same guys above and asked if they would still prefer a thong:

If she’s that hot she can wear that.”

Thanks for that one.

No, I still want a thong.”

This is the boy we all know and hate.

If a girl is standing in front of me in her underwear the last thing I am thinking about is what kind of underwear she has on. So, yeah, I think they are fine.”

And there is our honest man of the house.

Personally I think thongs bring an element of confidence. And isn’t feminism all about confidence?!

There is so much out there about what a woman should wear and what that says about her. If we are moving towards a more feminist culture, shouldn’t we all wear whatever we want? Realistically, there is most likely not a lot of people seeing what you choose anyway, so choose for you.

Even though boys opinions never stopped us from wearing what we want, it seems as though they are just as confused on this topic as we are. So the real question is what do you like to wear? I think the feminist thing to do is not run to granny panties because it is the new trend, but wear what makes you confident and have a kick ASS day.

Featured images from Ma P’tite Culotte.


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